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Friday, December 30, 2005


Nice, Jarod. Have a safe trip down. Anyone in the LA area lookin for a great, professional, erotic massage should look up my friend Lance (http://www.nakedelements.com/).

What is his phone number please?

have fun in la. i enjoy reading your blog almost every week. i think your writing is intimate--it's like i really know you, even though i'm sure i don't.
peace, brad.

Wicked story as always Jared

Sounds about as hot as a massage can get... :)

Happy New Year!

Oh man, I got completely drenched with pre-cum reading this... Did I let my load off? I wont tell you that...
This is the best most practical gay blog I have read. Happy Nu Yr, pal

As always, very entertaining! "I got completely drenched with pre-cum reading this...Did I let my load off?" Of course you did Serious4k. LOL

And you say you write like a sixth grader Jared. No sixth grader could get guys hard reading your posts. If only I had a life like yours...oh wait I did once upon a time, but it came to an end when I became involved in a serious relationship two years ago. Man do I miss those days, well sometimes.

Happy New Year!

If you're ever in NYC, I know a guy who's almost as good as this. :-)

For back ground Im a hetero and just recently developped a thing for medical fetishes. Everything I say he is 100% true and happened 2 weeks ago. k...
My whole life ive been extrememely active in competitive sports, football, wrestling, rudgby, track, bodybuilding etc. Im in my early 20s and recently have had some minor issues with regards to my urinary tract. So, I go to the doctor and to my suprise end up getting a prostate exam (never even have had a thermometer in my ass so it was something new to say the least). It was pretty much a 10 second in out, your good to go kind of thing from my family doctor, no big deal, however i kind of enjoyed it actually. Anywho our medical systems a joke and i get nothing prescribed (yeah yeah watch and wait etc) and 3 more weeks go by and im still experiencing some strange urinary habits. I go to the gym religiously and have a very toned, tanned muscular frame (yeah in vain i guess). So on a saturday after a workout i figured id drop by urgent care to try and pick up a prescription or something/get answers. So i get there and the wait on ends up being about 15 mins which was unreal but my doc wasnt there. This middle aged german or austrian guy was the physican for the day i guess (guranted he was gay..easy vibe to pick up on). So i get the usual questions give the usual answers. I told him about a bump beind one of my testicles, not holding urine as long as usual etc. yada yada yada.
So he informs me he will check out my testicles and give me a digital rectal as well. instead of getting me to lie on my side he asked me to remove my pants, boxers etc and kneel on the table facing the wall. He gives me a large peice of paper towel so cover myself, and leaves the rooms while i change. Being a clusmy oaf as im taking of my shoes i accidently rip a good hole/tear in the paper towel, no big deal. I take off my gear and climb onto the table. Here i am kneeling like as if im in churh facing the wall with my ass flamboyantly poking out and greeting the door to the room. My chest is flat on the bed/ table and bum is high in the air. For a guy i have a reasonably large ass (very bubbly) from years of hard physical training. I also had shaved my anus the day before because im a clean/hygeince freak. I then grab the paper towel off the floor/stool and proceed to cover my ass/nutsack up with it until the doctor returned. A few seconds pass and my eyes wander, almost immediatley i notice some glass picture on the wall, with some metaphoric inspirational bullshit on it. The background of it is reflective glass , hence i see myself in this humiliating/vulnerable position. I then realise the the large tear was diagonally right across the middle of my ass hence, my pucked little asshole was still almost totally visible... great. Just as im drawing this conclusion the doc walks by in ( no lie here) he opens the door and i guess the wind from the door knocks my little cover off and it falls to the floor. The doc then tells me thats fine because hes about to start the exam. Firstly he wnts to check out my left testislce (lump). He then pulls up his chair right behind me and proceeds to examine my balls. All the while im watching this guy, his nose is probably 3 inches from my puckered butthole. To add of my emabrrassment/discomfort i could actually consciously feel my hole twitch and wink everytime he would squeeze or prod my ball. I continued to watch as the doctor moved his face even closer to my ass and with every exhalation from his nose i could feel the heat on my butthole. Im also pretty sure i he was intentionally sniffing my ass as well (i had put some tanning lotion on my asshole as well earlier hah). After a couple minutes he told my i have a varicole and i would eventually go away on its own.
Now is when it really gets interesting. After telling me my ball is ok, he doesnt remove his gaze from my timid asshole and grabs a tube of some no name ky jelly kind of stuff. As opposed to the usual get it in, done, overwith thing, he proceeded to put a good squirt on his index finger then baste it onto my asshole ... even the outside part, he finished the lubricating with a slight push on my needle sized hole, then proceed to re-lube his finger. After this with less difficulty then 3 weeks before his finger probed me. however he was much more throughough and did alot of twisting with his finger as well as ample prodding. once he pulled his finger out to the first knuckle then put it all the way back in, then about 8 seconds later he did the same thing but took it all the way out, then suprised my poor round virgin bottom and probed it right back in. Keep in mind, this guy did NOT put gloves on prior to poking my ass. He then pulled out and deiliberated with him self for a few seconds then he told me he was going to have to do something different and I would probably experience more pressure. All the while he never took his eyes of my asshole, as if he was waiting for it to start talking to him. He them proceeded to grab his lube once again and re apply it to his slimy finger, however this time the put some on the tip of his middle finger as well. After putting down the lube with his left hand he gently pushed down on the small of my back, causing my torso downward and pushing my ass even further upward thus spreading my cheeks even more and preparing my bottomhole for something bigger. He inserted the 2 fingers much slower than he had one, and being a 'tough guy' i even let out one or two small groans/whimpers. I didnt really hurt, however I suddenly had the sensation of being incredibly full. once in his pushed right up to his knuckle then proceeded with the examination. With the 2 fingers he seemed to be feeling the prostate as well as applying pressure from different sides at the same time. All the while hes asking me questions like "does this hurt, hows that, andy discomfort" etc. As hes asking my plugged ass questions i answer as casually as possible trying to hide the fact and my cock is now starting to get hard (prostate). He then mutters 'ok' quietly to himself and ever so slowly pulls his fingers out. As his finger tips leave my butt, my anus finally decides to chime in with a chirpy 'plup'(not plop, PLUP) sound. This seemed to entertain the doctor and he chimed in with "zats a noisy little guy" ... classy, now i really feel comfortable. As i continue to watch from my half mirror/picture thing the doctor then tells my butthole (which has now closed itself again)that nothing seems to be out of the ordinary and he thinks i should be fine, however, the then tells my there is one more procedure he thinks should be done just as a precationary measure. He then tells me i can stand up and cover up for a few minutes, because he had to grab a swab.
So, probably 45 seconds pass, by now my pants are back on and im sitting on the table awaiting the docotors return. He comes into the room with a swab in a plastic bag (similar to a throat swab for strep) and asks me to stand up. As I get up he removes the waved head cushion from the table (velcro apparently). He then places it on the floor of his office and informs me that i will have to expose myself once more. He as im pulling down my pants he instructs me to kneel on the pad and place my elbows on the floor. As i kneel i still have my boxers on but i feel spread even with them on. The doctor then wheels his chair behind me once again and cranes his neck for a closer view. He then pulls down my white boxers to the bottom of my ass and begins to explain whats going on. He says hes going to swab my prostate, great. Normally a doc would use a speculum to do something like this but he was a call in so im guessing this method was an improvisation. He tells me that my anus will have to actually be 'open' for the swabs entry, and open for its exit as well as to not change the consistency of the swab. Once again i hear him grab the lube and apply it to only one finger. As im listening, face down to the carpet i hear a heavu squeak of his chair as he leaned in, once again i could actually feel his breath heating my puckered vunuerable bootyhole. Next comes another convienient scenario. As soon he he starts to explain that he will be first inserting a finger as to dilate (gape i guess) my asshole i realize that im about to have a huge sneeze (face in carpet?dust mites? who knows?). I squint my eyes and try to stop but its no use. I unload with 4 powerful ACHOOOS!, now thats not was bothered me, its was conciously being aware of the spastic twiching that my sphincter took part in all the while. I now feel docs eyes boring a hole in my freshly spasmed butt and now was when i felt myself blush all over. the doctor then placed both hands on my cheeks and let them rest there, thus causing the slabs of meat to slide outward opening my backdoor even more. Then in a gigglish voice asked if i was done, i replied with a humbled yup, and he proceeded with the lube. After putting some right in the middle of my balloon knot he very very slowly put his thumb in (flat). It actually seemed to go in reasonably easy compared to the 2 fingers that seemed to almost pop me. Once in the rectum he eased the thumb in and out all the while twisting, after about 20 seconds of this he told me to push my anus open, almost immediatley i did and i guess he could feel the tension leaves his finger and he quickly pulled it out. As he did so my asshole made another audible "plup" noise, the doc did not laugh this time, but put his face right up to my ass and quickly blew a hot breath right into my completely OPEN asshole. Then I felt a quick poking sensation on my prostate, this unexpected feeling caused me to tense up... my butthole closed tightly around the shaft of the anal swab. The doc then informed me that i would have to re-open myself for its exit. I tried for about 5 seconds but my pucker wasnt having any of it, and seemed to by clutching onto the think shaft of the swab for dear life. Good old doc then with his left hand put his thumb on the right and index/middle finger on the right of my butthole lips and slowly but powerfully pushes in opposite directions. Although I didnt hear any lube being applied a wet index figer entered the butthole and quickly began circling the swab and within 10 seconds has my ass blowing him a kiss. With this happening he quickly pulled the swab from my hole, as it spedily exited, a rush out air took its place as my ass made the loudest noise thus far as it gulped down a breath of fresh air, then sealed the entrance. As I lay on the office floor as pretty much having my ass fucked and stretched for the better part of 15-20 mins, the doc puts the swab in the bag. While in still face down, ass arched up the doc once again places his hands on my cheeks and begins telling me that he will have the labwork back within the week, and once again tells me hows everything seems normal and that the last test was a precautionary measure. As hes telling me this i decide to turn around for whatever reason and confirm my suspicion that this guy was actually talking to my bare ass. With the hole completely exposed his face was inches away as he spoke to me, looking me in the eye all the while, but not my green eyes, he was hypnotized almost by my pinkish brown tinged eye, that looked back all the while without blinking once hah. He then looks up and gets a smile on his face as he continues on with his re-cap. He then grabs a 'moist towlette' (like the ones at DQ) and cleans all the lube off my ass hole and gave me a particulary hard poke right in the center of the dart board. As he discars the towlette, he moves his face directly into rimming distance and breaths a very long and warm breath directly onto my anus (drys it off). Doc then informs me my visit is complete, he grabs the elastic of my tight white joe boxers and pulls them up over my round butt. They go on very easily but he had the elastic waist band pressing hand aginst my butt making whatever was left out my ass bulge out over top. As the reached the small of my back in could actually feel a particulary stronger pressure towards the middle of the underpants subsequently giving me a wedgie. These underwear a pure white and pretty old making them very 'see-through' therfore giving this asshole absorbed doc a lat glimpse of my bottomhole before i pulled up my jeans. Swabs all came back negative, and i have a check up with his half way through feb. Im pretty sure this is not how most rectal exams go, but if anyone has any input that would be much appreciated. In all honestly i got a bit of a rush out of being exposed in that way and not really having any control. anywho, im out,


Anyone know where i can get a massage like the one at the top of the page in Atlanta, GA

Hi all,

Great stories... here's mine. Feeling in need of some attention, and figuring that a massage was the best way to go, I looked on Craigs List and saw an ad for an erotic massage. I responded to the ad and I was to send a body pic to be accepted. $40 dollars for a minimum of 2hrs... sounded good to me. Well... two emails later I was on my way for a couple of hours of self indulgence.

I arrive at the place, and Jeff shows me to the room with a massage table and tells me to disrobe to my comfort level and lie down. I take off all my clothes and he comes in and we go through the various... where does it hurt ... questions. He starts the massage and works my shoulders and arms, hands and sides of my body well... and then he goes towards my butt. Not sure what he was doing, but each time he went down the middle of my crack the pressure, feeling and just the right speed... I was awesome. I heard a soft gentle moan again and again, and then realised it was me. He then used one of those massage toys with the little legs with balls on the end to do the back of my legs and my butt. Each time he seemed to make sure that the little ball spent a couple of seconds directly on my hole. I kept on waiting for him to try to slide it in... but it was just a tease.

Now I was overly aware of what was going on, and the more I thought about it the harder I got. After working my legs he turned me over, and my rock hard member was pretty obvious. I lay back and he started again on my head neck and chest, and this time as he worked his way down I could feel his cock through his pants brushing up against the side of my body. I made an absolute effort to keep contact with it so he would understand that I was more than ok with his touch.

As he moved and rubbed himself against my body his hands found there way to my hole and the other wrapped around the base of my cock. It was an intense feeling. Just before I thought I was going to shoot a huge load, he stopped, and asked me to lift my legs. This time his massage oiled finger found its way into me as he stroked me and I came all over my chest and abs. He told me to take my time getting up as he wiped me off. When I sat up the best thing was seeing that all his rubbing against my body had left a large wet spot of his precum on the front of his shorts....

I have gone back three times and the story gets better. I'll writie again... the Pacific Northwest might have rain... but it also has Jeff the masseur.

Okay. I'm a woman and these stories are HOT. =-) Jared, I'm sticking to my seat here tonight! There's so much similarity between a woman's sense of being entered and your description.

you fucking homos all need to die, DIE FAGGOTS DIE THIS SHIT MAKES ME PUKE

say there: "anit-homosexual", you may want to ease up on the 'roids there sparky, don't ya think?! lol ... and take a spelling class while you're at it!

Help! I am a straight woman in love with my male gay best friend (like that cheesy Jennifer Aniston movie). Any gay guys willing to teach me the art of anal massage? What do I do? How do I start? Help, help, help. Any advice would be gratefully accepted!

Before I get a whole lot of replies telling me to go play with a heterosexual man, let me tell you I love this guy. Yes, I have tried to seduce him the way I would seduce a straight man: French kissing, earlobe licking, stroking, etc (we were drunk together on several occassions) but ZERO. He wasn't even in the slightest bit aroused (despite my best effort). He is sooooo sweet. He holds me close, strokes my hair and tells me that if there is one woman he wants to make love to, it's me.....but he can't (or should I say his body won't play). He holds me close and whispers, "I am sorry, baby."

Aaaargh! I am so frustrated, so dismayed. Help.

KA, I like your type.
What do you women think sexual attraction is? Would you have intercourse with your mum because she loves you? Has it occurred to you, that you are projecting your solo-sex on a lamppost? With a vast majority of hetero's around, why do you pick on the nancy-boy? If you love this guy as a friend don't spoil your life (and his) by dropping your pants. He's not a doll and you are not (yet) sexually mature. Real sexuality is about interaction, not about cuddling and doting!

Hey Jared, I'm in massage school right now. Would love to give you a massage when I'm done.

if your ever in the uk look me up


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Way back in August 2005 I started this blog and stopped writing several years later when life got too busy. I am leaving it up for future readers to find. I post pics almost every week though as I surf the net.

It isn't really about naked pics. It is about me exposing by deepest sexual secrets and leaving myself and my soul completely naked for the world to see.

Way back in the early 2000's I discovered a need to be vulnerable and naked in front of others, whether it be in public, among other naked guys, among clothed guys, or in front of authority.

Sometimes I like to be tied down, spanked, flogged and tortured. Sometimes I like to be physically examined and humiliated by someone of authority. I am a complete exhibitionist.

I also like to see others in the same situation where I am the one clothed or the one in authority.

I am not the greatest writer in the world. Some may say I stink and that I should keep my day job. I am not writing this blog to be a writer but to record my exploration of these fetishes. Every story is as accurate as my memory allows except the names of the people I encounter and most of the pictures. The pictures in this blog are, for the majority, not me. I pulled most of them from various sites on the internet. I will give credit to the individual photo owners when I know where they came from. If you see a pic that is yours and you want to take it down just let me know.

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