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Monday, January 16, 2006


Holly crap man, that's deep shit!

Wow, that's a real experience. At least you learned your limit and shared your pain and pleasure with Nathan. It seems that he really cares for you, standing there to watch you in pain and caressing you.

No offense, but why have a safe word/signal with the Master, and not use it, then call him an asshole later for going to far? Your choosing to not use the signal for him to stop/ease up was irresponsible and no different then had the Master not respected a safe word/signal and continued on with the scene. Did not giving the signal have something to do with Nathan being there? In a safe/sane SM/BD scene, as the btm, you control the scene, IMO you fucked up, not the Master. Lesson learn hopefully.

Wow. If it were me, I'd have had about enough of these scene about when he'd wrapped me in shrink wrap and worked that second load out of me. I'm impressed with your endurance dude.

Never trust a master who exceeds the agreed upon limits, no mater what his excuse. If he did it once he WILL do it again! It was not your fault he went too far.

Sounds very intense, Jared. Outside of having major wood right now, I'm wondering two things. First, like the guy above, why didn't you use your safe word. Second, what limits had you agreed upon? Is there any possibility he thought he wasn't exceeding them?

Jared...Yeah whats up with not using the safe word? Were you so into it that you didn't realize what was going on and it was after you got home it all hit you?
Also, what did Nathan think? I would love to hear his account of the evening.
I know I would have been a little freaked out.. and I have done and seen some of that kind of action.

Or maybe none of this is really real. It's all fantasy.

well, jared, it sounds like a great scene, and since you didn't use either of your safewords, i have to agree with those who feel you consented to it. good doms/masters push limits, but respect when a sub/slave isn't into it anymore. if you didn't give him (or nathan) the indication it was beyond what you could take, don't absolve yourself of responsibility and chalk it up to him being an asshole.

Stick with the medical exams! They're fun and embarrassing. Maybe you can arrange an exam with Nathan in the room.


I agree with Phil. This guy is not good for you. I wonder how far he would have gone if Nathan hadn't been there. I'm sure he would have gone further. Please don't see this guy again. If you feel that you need to do this again find someone else. I have some experience in this area and it sounds like he lost control. Maybe because Nathan was there, maybe not.

I appreciate you sharing your experience. Please be safe.

Jared I found this a great description of what happend. You certainly have a gift of description. I was there with you.

I agree with others that you have some responssibility to use your safe word if something goes over the top. A Master is meant to push the boundry and he did just that. However, he should also recognise when you are finding it really hard to take. He should then stop.

I found the whole pee thing quite exciting, but possibly this is not of interest to you. Peeing on Nathan was quite something beyond your control. Part of the whole fatasy of your scene was you do not have control of any aspect of the scene, other than the ultimate one of using you safe word.

I hope that this does not put you off too much and that you will have another go and again share your experience with us.

I'm an older guy who is turned on by SM stories and images, but with very little experience. So forgive me if I am ignorant or talking out of my hat. Isn't there a kind of addictive quality about SM, where you need more and more intense experience to get the same release or to meet the same level of need? Just on a physical/chemical level. If this is true, then it's something to pay attention to. What do you think?

BTW, I think one of the great SM stories of all time is "Blue Fire" by Aaron Travis.

being a typical Libran, i can see both sides of this argument. No, you didn't use the agreed safe word when you had plenty of opportunity but the Master should not have gone past what you agreed on, regardless.
You are a much braver man than I am.

A question... what are the three asterisks next to my blog name in the list!?

Asshole? you dare to call this Master an asshole? Did you not have TWO safewords? Did you set forth CLEAR LIMITS ?What brought you to this scene was perhaps that the previous encounters were escalated as well and now, after what was admittedly the most intense experience of your life, you call Master and asshole? Did you fall out of a fucking tree somewhere? What did you think was going to happen? WHY do you think a SAFEWORD is even agreed upon? you did not invoke it. WHY you did not remains inside your head. Search for the reason there but don't EVEN try to blame the Master. I have been in the life for over 30 years. I push limits and most experienced in this role DO. Safewords are used when no more can be endured. you know what you were experiencing as you have set it forth so accurately here. IF you NEEDED to stop you should have invoked the safeword. Wipe the piss off your face and admit your part. As for the man who inflicted this punishment, I can't understand WHAT he apologized about unless he isn't so certain of where the fallout might go. you say you wouldn't go back to him? If I were he, I would spit in your face and dismiss you out of hand if you EVER came back after insulting Me in such a fashion.Grow up.

Dude, you got what you asked for! Don't blame anyone but yourself. Newsflash, pal! You wanted to experience a punishment beating. Get use to it! You have a high pain tolerance! You like getting whipped! Now that you've experienced a severe S&M scenario, you'll be back. You're fricken addicted. I know. I've experienced the same thing you did! I took 20 lashes with an 8 foot bullwhip! I'd never felt such intense pain in all my life. I swore I'd never ever go through something like that again. Hah! Two months later I was begging for it.

Usually, i just like to read your stuff jared. your stories are really good. however, yes i do believe that the master went too far. And to Zack and Sy above, how dare you tell Jared that he was in the wrong? yes, he could have used the safe word, but im guessing you werent there witnessing this. so, you dont even know what would have happened in this circumstance. obviously, jared was pushed to the limit and now he knows that he cant go that far again. seeing as how the master has kept his control the last two times, obviously, jared did set the boundaries. and from what ive read, jared isnt into the piss thing and he definately wouldnt piss on nathan. jeezuz. how about you walk in jareds shoes and then leave a horrible nasty comment.




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