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Monday, March 13, 2006


i was actually born with a hardon. i found that out because my father joked about it with my mom and even once included that as part of the stry about the day i was born. nursed apparently said stuff too. i don't remember any first time for that because i'm pretty sure i've had erections my whole life. but my first ejaculation/orgasm was the result of having heard about how sex worked from an older cousin. when my hormones kicked in and my erections started to have this extra nice feeling, i used my hands to simulate pushing it into a pussy (attractions to men came along a little later). i didn't figure out the stroking motion for a while, and the first couple of times i didn't shoot anything, but still it felt great. i remember being a little freaked out when it was messy the first time because my brother was in the lower bunk and i didn't know how i was going to clean it up. i was 11 i guess, maybe 12. it was near the middle of 6th grade anyway.

Jared dude. Thats hot. I know exactly what you are talking about. I can remember my first time accidentally discovering orgasm. I actually decided to start a blog chronicling all my past experiences and evenutally future mixed in to just before i read this post. after reading it i am even more excited about making this blog. you are an inspiration sir!

hey again, just reposting cuz my first ones blog address was wrong and went to some bible page...odd. i just left out the g in blogspot...strange internet.

I remember growing up and messing around a little with another guy...you know the curiosty thing guys do as kids...then the summer after my 8th grade year I spent the night with a friend...we go into his brothers porno magazines...he asked about blow jobs...I was nervous, but went with it...we sucked each other and played with each other...then it happened...I made him stop because to me, I felt like I was going to have to pee...so I got up and ran to the bathroom...hard on and all...when I got there, just touching my dick made this goooey white stuff come out...we talked about it and I ended up spending the night again...later on in life he went into the Marines and stayed in the closet...me on the the other hand, kept the Kleenex tissue company in business all through high school...

I think back to 8th grade, a classmate Earl(Butchie) Clouser and in one vulgar hand gesture, simulated jerking off to another student(Chris Loper) Butchie then pulled his own pants down and mooned Chris and I saw Butchie's Italian/German-sexy-junior-high-semi-hairy-tan-round-bubble butt... whew!
The girls giggled and squealed... the boys laughed and barked... the teacher(Ms DeRuyter) shook her head and turned beet red... Ooo it was different for me I was excited, I stopped breathing for a fleeting moment then started breathing fast, my heart was beating LOUDLY in my ears, I was dizzy, speechless and I wanted to see more, a lot, awhole lot more of Butchie
2:45pm aww no more Butchie altho waiting for the school bus to go home almost the entire school heard and was talking about Butchie's ass... so another student that actually was one of Butchie's jock buddies, Jeff Higbee a blond surfer-type that filled out his clothes O-so perfectly in the front and back was on another bus suddenly mooned the staff and students outside the bus... I could not believe my eyes Jeff's butt was perfect: mounds of joy, hairless, a tanline, with dimples on each side... THEN Jeff turned around and showed us his semi-hard 8" cut cock surrounded by a bush of light brown pubic hair... I saw a dick and two butts in one day(physical education wasn't in gym clothes not until high school so no locker room sneak a peeks yet)
When I was home all I could think about was Butchie's hand gesture so I pulled my dick out and did what Butchie did from class... jerked my dick until it grew harder and harder, I was really excited just thinking about Jeff and Butchie, Butchie's butt, Jeff's dick Jeff's butt, Butchie jerking off mmmm... I loved the new sensation, I loved the open air on my hard dick aah but I might get caught so I went into the bathroom sat on the toilet and jerked my dick like Butchie did earlier and the moment was electric
Suddenly white stuff leaked out from my pee hole and it felt different than piss and smelled it would not stop like white blood and I was excited and nervous and quickly wiped and wiped and wiped... sticky tacky toilet paper that smelled like bleach... I stood up like a new borne colt on wobbly legs went back to my room a Man... a gay Man...

I remember the first time I was conscious of an erection. I must have been pretty young because I had been bathed by my mother and was standing on the toilet seat to be toweled. I was playing with my dick, pushing it to the side and letting it swing back and I showed it to my mother but she made me stop and I felt her disapproval - or maybe it was just embarrassment.
Later, when I was 12, we were a group of kids and one of the boys said: “If you rub it something white comes out.” I wasn’t actually thinking of this when one night, not very long after, I was playing with myself in bed. Suddenly the pleasure became intense and swept me along into my first orgasm. What a surprise! It surpassed by far every other enjoyment that life had offered, and it was mine for the taking. I remembered about the white stuff so I knew it was something natural, but I also knew it was something to keep secret from the grownups. After that I did it every night.

When I was a kid, my favorite cartoon was Thundercats. I don't know if anyone's familiar with the show, but the main character, Liono had a mystical dagger that would grow in length to become a mighty sword when he needed it. Being like 9 or 10, I had no idea what sex was, but I thought there was a direct correlation between the sword and the erections I was having. I used to get hard in bed and dry hump my sheets or my pillow, and all the time I was thinking that my hard penis was going to save the day somehow. One time, I finally orgasmed, and it really surprised me. All I knew was that I wanted to do it again. I was 11, but I didn't actually ejaculate until I was 13. I've been masturbating almost every day ever since.

My first ejaculation occurred at age 12. I was spending the night with a friend and we decided to jack off. At climax, I felt the "ooze" for the first time - I told my friend: "I think I've cum!!!" He got out of bed and turned on the light and we examined my dick, and both concluded that yes, it was "cum." (He was a bit older than I, and could already ejaculate.) It was a few more days after that before I had another ejaculation, but since then, it's been almost non-stop, even at my ripe age of 66.

Jared, my first orgasm is right up your alley ...
My best friend and I had played cowboys as little kids, astronauts when were were slightly older, and at the ripe old age of 12 we would occasionally still play make-believe games (call it role-play) involving spies, etc. The first time this almost paid off was once when he tied my arms to the leg of an old desk in his basement. He sat on my legs with the plan to interrogate me, then looked down innocently as he began to unbuskle my belt. That suited me fine, but I reflexively pulled on my tied wrists, and the desk, which turned out to be on casters, shifted abruptly, spilling all sorts of things on the floor. He panicked and untied me so we could clean up.

Some time later J was over at my place, and some similar game was afoot. I had tied his hands with a robe belt or something, and he was on the floor between my brother's bed and the window. I guess I must have gotten his pants off him, and before long I was pretty naked, too, and was lowering myself onto his body (we had been naked together before on sleepovers, but until that day we were both innocents as far as cumming.) That changed quickly - our bodies had just touched when I suddenly had that feeling others have described. I was sure I was about to piss all over my best friend ... I pushed myself off him, stood up, and spewed my (large) load all over my brother's bedspread.(A new panick set in: how to conceal the mess. I don't remember what I decided, if anything.)

J had not had an orgasm yet, but he knew what had happened to me - a friend had told him all about it (including the opinion that you could actually shoot "one barrel" at a time, and you should never give a girl "both barrels" or it could kill her.) My friend was impressed with me, and grateful, I think that I managed not to do it on him. He told me that his other friend advised washing your dick in the shower to enlarge it over time.

I still hadn't figured out what made me cun, since we hadn't been masturbating and I hadn't been told by anyone. But a couple of days later I was in the shower and decided to "build up" my cock. Of course, for some reason I couldn't bring myself to stop doing it ... I was actually enjoying being in the shower. Suddenly again, the rush came upon me, spreading from my groin to my toes and back up again, and I was shooting like a gattling gun. I nearly collapsed. (Crazy! My first two times, both standing!)

I've always had a sense that the appeal of being bound in a sexual moment could have something to do with handing over the responsibility for the pleasure of sex to another party - if he ties me down and makes me cum, it's his fault, not mine. There's also the added deniability about being with a guy at all, which can be circumvented if he's in charge... that has never been an issue for me, but in fantasy it's clearly present. But who can say what the subconcsious demands? An awful lot of role-play involves control - doctor/patient, coach/athlete, daddy/son, principal/student, cop/suspect.

For me there's also something undeniable about recreating the first time (and what might have been the first, earlier, had that desk not been equipped with wheels), when the bondage learned watching cowboy and spy shoes played a role. Inexplicably, I've only relived those scenes by myself. Guess I need another best friend ...

The first erection I remember was watching a Casper cartoon. I was laying, face down, on my parents bed watching this Casper episode where he turns into a devil. As he became evil, Casper grew a devil tail and my dick got hard as it grew. I didn't do anything about it, but I instinctively knew not to stand up. I couldn't have been in more than 3rd grade, at the time. I didn't get another hardon until 4th grade, but that is a whole different story.

I was about 11 when I was down the cellar by myself, when I particular 'feeling' came over me. I whipped it out and started to play with it. It felt good so I kept at it, then, when I 'came' for the first time, I had a little bit of white stuff. I was kinda nervous, but a few days later, I tried it again and started to look forward to it.

Another time when I was in grammar school about the 4th grade, we dressed for gym. I went to a Catholic school where boys and girls took gym together. As we got in line to go down to the auditorium, I popped a huge boner and one of the girls saw it, blushed, told her friend about it and then pointed at it. How embarassing!

my first time was at my frieds house when my 2 friends were playing with their cocks but i was too embarrased to show mine but i had a hard on in my pants. i wanted to take it out but i thought they might laugh so i didnt. a couple of months later they were at my house and they were playing with their cocks again, but i was still too nervouse so i didnt. i was then stroking it and when they left i thought i would try it so i was in my toilet stroking it when i decided to try putting soap on it. it acted as a lube and i had my first orgasm which was a great feeling. i kept on doing this but i never cummed until about a year later when i first came. i was nervous because i didnt know if it was meant to happen but i kept doing it and i still wank daily. this all happned at about the age of 11

hello. good site.

simply stated. my first time was in an airplane at whatever cruzing altitude for a trans continental plus pacific flight from new york to honalulu. awkward much. i had a hard on all day, and i knew what it was, i think it was 4th or maybe 5th grade, and i knew about porn, cuz i used to look at it, but i never realized the connection between the hard on and jacking off. so i tried something out that i had seen in one of the porn videos, and came all over the mirror in the little bathroom on the plane... and have done it pretty much every day for the five years sense then

I was pretty old for my first time maturebating i think. most of my guy friends (who i was nevr really close with) had already done it and told me how to. It was in february of 7th grade. i had tried playing with myself many many times and for many years, but never gotten as far. i pulled my penis up and down and all of the sudden it felt like it was becoming one of it's own. the most amazing sensation. back then i actually didnt think i had had an orgasm because there was no sperm. i though i was supposed to continue after that. the explanation was that i didn't produce sperm until about a year later. that first time i was as embarassed as i have ever been though, and so so so ashamed. that feeling has long gone away now though. that was back when i didn't have pubic hairs either. now i wish it was still that way. it's kind of hot, and it makes the cock look bigger. haha.

i know wot u mean when u talk about humping b4 u switched to ur hand i was the same. i think i was in primary 4 (4th grade in america) when i got my first hard on. i actually think it was when i saw a hot guy when i got my first boner, although i didn't know wot that ment at the time obviously. at first i used to hump my pillow or something and then at some point i started using my hand instead. i was 12 when i first came. i was lying in bed playing with my hard on which had become a sort of ritual 4 me, nowadays of course i do it when ever i can. i remember how intence it was the first time. it felt amazing! i sat there and smiled to myself and thot 'iv cum! iv cum 4 the first time!' then quickly realised id hav to get this cleaned up b4 morning! i did it the next day in the bathroom and again l8r at nite and the same the next day and i guess i just havent stopped since then lol, jacking of almost everyday since then 4 the past 5-6 years.

My first time I was ar my house and I was cooking but my parents and every 1 else were gone so I was going towards my room and I started 2 get hard and for some strange reason I just decided 2 start rubbing it then I jumped in my bed and continued to do it butbut nothing happened I just like the feeling of it. Then about a year later I was in our bathroom taking a shower and I started getting hard and I started touching my self and for some odd reason I grabed this old toilet paper roll and started fucking it and I was thinking about me having sex wit a women (thinking about guys didn't come till later). But then after a couple of minutes I had my first orgasm.
But I didn't ejaclate like a year later when I was like 13.

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Hm...this totally shocked me. I'm 19 and it's the first time I realized I wasn't alone - regarding the instant, frequent, and "unplanned" erections! Till this day, I get a hard-on lots of times, everyday, and everywhere. This has caused me a great deal of embarrassment during high school; I'd get hard-ons in class and so always left class last. Thanks, Jared. I thought there was something wrong with me and that it would affect my sexual life later on in life, but you are now, I guess, well into your thirties and have a very active sexual life. What a relief! Thanks - again!

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