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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Eh, Asians. Tiny, little miniature men with tiny, little miniature penises. Take two, they're small.

For some unfortunate Asian men, perhaps. But for some Asian men (and in particular a couple of Japanese-Hawaiian boys I've enjoyed) you'll learn that certain stereotypes have their exeptions!

Keep up the outstanding work, Jared, and keep tossing us rice queens a hot bone(r) like this one every now and then!!

Nice muscles!


I'm with Calichef...Asians just do not do it for me...never have never will....all u need to do is touch 'em and they get off!! ;-)

I'm so disappointed with the assholes posting here!! UGH what a bunch of close-minded, rascist pigs!

Asian guys make me hard. Especially this one.

What the fuck are you guys talking about calichef and azbearin?! You obviously haven't been with the ones I've been with!

Tasty. Very tasty. He reminds me of some of the Asian muscleboys in my classes. I've stroked out more than one load thinking about having one (at a time) under my desk. It's a good thing I'm so fucking ethical. :)

Yum. So rare to see a bulked up Asian boy like this. What a delicacy! So hawt! Beautiful skin.

Wow, there are clearly some true assholes reading this blog. But maybe, just maybe, the shallow subject matter brings out the bad side of people?

I was called a "gook" by some stranger on the (other side of the) street the other day. Was that you, Calichef or AzBearin? By the way, I got your license plate # when you got in your SUV. And my boyfriend is a cop. Prob not Calichef, by your profile, a woman who likes...THE JOY LUCK CLUB. Your comment smells strongly of bitterness.
I wonder what stereotypes we can say about you? We should have a little contest...

My best friend in college was Asian. Always had a crush on him (and still do!) Use to love giving him massages! I agree with chrome a little contest would be fun.


I've actually dated several Asian men over the years, so I have based my opinion on the facts I've been presented with. The last one wanted to marry me, but I just couldn't live the rest of my life with a 4" dick that came when I just looked at it.

As for being a racist, that's laughable, as anyone who knows me would tell you. If all my past lovers got together for a reunion it would look like a delegation from the UN!

I really wasn't trying to be mean, it just came out that way. My only sin here is thoughtlessness and I apologize for that. But I don't apologize for my opinion because it is MY opinion.

BTW, what's wrong with my having loved "The Joy Luck Club?" It was a great book by a very good author.

Oh, and I have never, nor would I ever drive an SUV!

But let's start that contest! I'd be really excited to hear all the things people can make up about me based on nothing more than a tongue in cheek comment and my blogger profile. Insult away!

Here's a bit of meat to fashion your insults with:

I'm divorced
I'm 40-something
I'm into bi boys half my age-- in pairs
Nothing's better than double penetrations

So, gimme your best shot, I can't wait!

Generalizations about groups of people can be fun and feel, well, so right, but they're dangerous. They reflect our deep, very old us/them impulse which helped us stay alive...about a billion years ago and oh, by the way, lets us want to kill the thems so they don't threaten us. Racism. Not really, but in the same quadrant of the universe, bunkey. And your "some of my best friends/fucks/authors are...." is the classic defense. But I guess I forgot that middle-aged closet case chicken hawks don't have a brain in their heads; all they care about is sex.

Yeah I agree with JasonM! Just because you claim your best friend/fave author/fuck is XXX doesn't mean that you don't hold certain attitudes and prejudices, which you SO OBVIOUSLY DO Calichef.

Stop deluding yourself and come out already. As a rascist.

If I were a racist, I absolutely WOULD admit it, or "come out" as you insist. I have nothing to lose by this admission, were it the truth.

As far as my generalizations go, it is a matter of biological fact that, on average, Asians *are* smaller than caucasians, both in physical stature and in penis size. It is easy to verify, if anyone is interested in doing anything other than bashing me for my statement of pure fact.

It is a shame that most of us have become so fearful of not being seen as politically correct that we deny anthropological fact. Worse, not only must the facts be denied, but the person who is brave enough to state such facts must be insulted, have his or her intelligence brought into question and generally belittled without any supporting information. This is the behavior of the truly desperate.

BTW, my Latino lover of 15 years thought you guys calling me a closeted racist was hilarious. He knows all about the cute, young, bi boys, too. Sometimes he videos us all. Hell, even my mother and adult son know that I'm kinky. Must be a pretty darned big closet with all those other people in it.

Oh, and I never claimed that Amy Tan was my favorite author. She's not. Susie Bright is. I should direct her to this thread just to see what she has to say about it.

Geez, that's a lot of arguments going on here.

Calichef, well, I'd have to agree with you about the anthropoligical facts. I'm Asian myself and know about this thing..or dilemma (not on myself, thank goodness)...I mean, if one's fine with it, then it's okay. Size does matter, but it's not everything. Then of course, there are always exceptions. I mean, there are also caucasian men who are also tiny (I had one back in May....he was so tiny I couldn't take a grasp of his penis in my hand, and it was fully erected...that was something totally new to me)

And surely, a couple of words that you'd written could've been put down more nicely....but then again, you've apologised for it.

Interesting how this single pic has brought out the true colors in some, esp as there is no dick in the pic to validate their opinions. I've come across small penises on men of every race and would never jump to such conclusions as some have done here. Very ugly attitudes, I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting any of you in person.

i guess you guys need some information
about this asian man.
the main reason why you can't see his penis is because he is a "str8" guy

and he is a taiwanese ,lives in Taipei,

you can trust what i say cause i live in Taiwan too.(of course i'm taiwanese)

btw, mean people are everywhere

fuck! i thought he might be straight! i am so fucking attracted to him and was hoping I might have a chance to admire his body just a little closer.

what a hot hot body!

I think the word "racist" is a red herring. Like using "Nazi" it kind of ends convwersation. Stipulat Calichef is not a racist. The impulse to generalize and categorize is still there, an when applied to groups, is a slippery slope, to use a cliche (sorry). Look inward a bit, m'dear.

Plus, the details get messy. Are we talking about Japanese? Mongolians, who were nomads? Han Chinese or southern chinese? Or south east asians, Thais and Burmese and Vietnamese? Or indian asians -- oh, but they're caucausians, right. And so on. Individuals can't be judged based on group characteristics/statistics, right?

I take Calichef's word that he is not racist. However, his words in the first comment are extreme - both because they are not in context as his explanations are, and also because they are demonstrably false. The size range of Asian men, as others have said here, runs the whole gamut of a distribution curve as does that of Caucasian men or other groups. Plus calling people "tiny and miniature" is in my mind a racially extreme comment, because it literally diminishes a whole race of people.

These comments are wrong, and speak only to ignorance. They should be rejected and regretted.

LOL Steriotypical people make me laugh. I personally don't believe in steriotype because its a jugdment based on a few factors and people think its the same with everyone.

You never know unless you are an asian yourself. I am personally asian and I know for a fact that my thing is bigger than a lot of you none asian based on the porno's you guys make ok. If you guys want to be steriotyping then I can say that all your white people don't have as big of a penis as you guys say you do lol.

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