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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Thanks, Jared. I get off on being the authority figure in situations like that. For me, it's the highest honor a guy can give--to place himself completely in my control, without reservation or question. Although some don't understand it, I see that trust as nearly sacred.


Jared, man, I totally get your fetish and how you feel about it. I personally have a wrestling fetish that my friends don't get. I was ashamed of it to intially but now its just something I enjoy and frankly if no one else gets or likes it, I don't care. Feel free to post w/e man, cause there are plenty of us out here that enjoy your site and support you.

It doesn't turn me on, but considering the shit that runs around in my head, I'd be a hypocrite and just stupid to be grossed out by your particular fetish. Like Dave, I have a wrestling fetish that developed when I was, oh, 10 or so. Anyway, lack of comment doesn't mean disapproval; it just may mean lack of interest. As always thanks for what you've done here and for as long as you choose to do it.

I am not into the doc/patient scene but I totally understand where you're coming from. As I always say, sex is a power trip - having it or giving it up. I have been on both sides and love the thrill when seeing a guy totally vulnerable and powerless. It is so great that you're at liberty, from Nathan and being in SF, to explore your fetishes.

Queer Porn Nation

I totally get your fetish,and even share it to a certain degree...though I would be the doc or assistant, in control of the situation, or watching and participating in the scene. I have a spanking fetish that involves me as the authority figure and young jock boys getting spanked...total turn-on.

I'm with you... I don't really want to have sex with someone in that situation, it's about the seup, the roles, etc. I like that aspect of it more than the procedures used.

If some guys don't appreciate your fetish, its their problem, not yours, I personally enjoy reading about yours, I think sex is great and enjoy hearing about whatever gets guys horny. I never thought I would enjoy being a dominant until I met a young hottie that I spend time with, after our 2nd get together he asked if I would tie him and spank him and order him to do things, at first I didn't know if I could do it properly,but, after we got going and since that first time we have a hot time, sometimes we don't even have sex, just do the role playing,so you see its what ever turns you on, go for it man, and keep us posted.

It's not my scene, but I get it. I support your being into it and posting about it. Whatever gets Jared off has to be hot! I think we can all agree on that can't we? ;)


You hit the nail on the head - it's all about lack of control and vulnerability. But, even further than that, it is the 'fear' of the unknown. Here we are sitting without any clothes in front of a man, or group of individuals, and we have no idea what direction they are going to take us. Are they going to humiliate us by doing something we have been taught to disregard? Are they judging us as we perform their required tasks?

For me, it's all about being 'forced' into the unknown - going somewhere that I have thought about going, unsure I wanted to go there - but in the end having no control over whether or not I will end up on the other side.

I totally get your fetish. It is deffinately being vulnerable in front of someone else. Being partially undressed or naked while some one is totally clothed is such close proximity is a total turn on.

I totally get your fetish. It is deffinately being vulnerable in front of someone else. Being partially undressed or naked while some one is totally clothed is such close proximity is a total turn on.

hey, i thought it was hot. i'm just not a frequent commenter. you go, i'm glad you know what turns you on and how to get it. not enough people do.

Lurker here. It's a hot story, and the fetish isn't sick at all! Don't even think that.

Hey Jared,
it's not sick at all, it's very horny. I've never explored it, but god your story got me horny.

Stunned silence? That aint the reason for the lack of comments... Dude, do you have any idea how hard it is to type with one hand?


I share your fetish with medical personnel. You're right...it has nothing to do with the raw sex...but I've never felt more vulnerable or turned on than when I was 17. In the hospital for an appendectamy, two older male docs had me on a table, lie back, and slowly had me remove all my clothing. Once down to my white fotl, they removed them themselves, and I was never more 'embarressed' in my life. One of the final things they did was to slide one finger up my posterior, right in front of the other doc. As scared as I was, I did get instantly hard, they both looked, smiled, and said I was definitely an 'adult male'. Unbelievably, they left me alone, and naked, until a nurse happened by and gave me a gown to wear. I'll always recall that event in my life. Phil

I get it, Jared. For me the hot part is about the power dynamic, not the medical equipment. And like you said, a similar power dynamic could play out in other situations with authority figures (e.g., coach/athlete). What turns me on is the idea of being ordered and "forced" to strip, expose my naked body, get hard, stroke, and follow other orders given by the authority figure until I beg for permission to cum. Most porn vids don't explore that psychological aspect for long before jumping into the sex. I admire you for exploring it for yourself.

Jared - if we are honest, we all have a fetish or two....or three. Mine is spanking. I've "lost" touch with a few friends who can't get their head wrapped around that one. Like you, I've never forced my fetish on anyone, yet it's there for people to either enjoy, reject or ignore. Your blog is interesting. Through your blog, you've opened my mind to a few things. Your work and effort putting this together is appreciated!

I consider myself one of the most vanilla guys around, when it comes to the sex I have (I just like lots of vanilla) but in terms of fantasy I think both medical and spanking are very sexy. and damn, it's hard to find decent videos, they never seem to get the point

for example, in these fantasies, the doctor or spanker should be as sexy and the patient/punished guy. often the guys in the "authority" role are far from attractive.

how boring not to have a "fetish"!

The way you've described your doctor fetish is much the same as the way I feel about bondage... naked, vulnerable, and a total lack of control. I think I'm probably close to being a control-freak... I'm the creative one, the daring one, and in sexual situations, I'm almost always the initiator, the leader, the "director," even when I occasionally bottom. So bondage takes away any responsibility for what happens. I'm forced to lie there and focus on the pleasure. Gag me if I start to tell you what to do. To me, bondage is a newly found "freedom," if that makes any sense.

Jared, I didn't comment on your Doctor fetish but loved it. I like the idea of being naked on front of someone, very exposed and vulnerable. Wish there was a "Doctor" available in my area. I've looked, posted and chatted with others but nothing ever happened. Glad you are still posting. Maybe Nathan can be a doctor for a day.

I really respect you. You have a wild and vivid imagination, and the balls to follow through with your desires and fantasies. I totally love the idea of being in a naked role while other are clothed and in control. But I usually chicken out. Not only is it cool that you can follow through but then you share your most intimate moments andf thought with us. Keep up the great job and I will continue to live vicariously through you. Thanks man.

The power/vulnerability thing I get . As a doctor, the fetishization of the medical situation thing jeebs me out. That said, it is amusing when a hot guy gets erect during an exam (okay, dude, get dressed, lets talk about...cancer); but when previous bf's wanted to "play doctor", that was just...ick, just thinking about it. My hubby is a doc also and feels the same way as me.
Have fun, play safe.

Given all the personal things you have shared via this blog, interesting that this one fetish you would ref. being 'so ashamed' . to post. U are a complicated one. A hottie but complicated. Consider a tad less personal judegement and just go with where your hard on leads ya boy . . no reason to be ashamed. Then again, that's what you did. Never mind.

OMG. Now I am really embarrassed that real doctors read my blog. I really really don't get off on real visits. I can and do distinguish the two! I do however get hard during my visits not because I am horny though . . .

My real doc lives in SF and is gay. Oh fuck, oh fuck could you be him??

Thanks for being completely naked Jared. I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while and your escapades always make me horny. Too funny that you your doctor might read your blog. I agree with most - very hot. Enjoy your Fetishes.

You should try posing for an ART class full of Hot Guys drawing you. I experienced that a couple years ago. It was nice to be admired - and like you the precum was flowing. A little embarrassing - but great jerkoff memory. dennis

Hey man,
I know what you mean. I love it when my doc gives me a rectal. I actually get hard. Then when he gives me the hernia test...wow man!

Completely understand your fetish(es) which i share in various degrees. Like you say, the turn on is in the anticipation as well as the feeling of vulnerability. i find great release also by putting myself in this kind of situation.

Nothing to be ashamed of!! There is nothing hotter than being told to strip down by a doctor. The whole package of being naked on his exam table ready for probing and inspection is very, very hot!!!!A medical fetish is the best!

Jared, I also share your exhibitionist fetish. I live way out in the sticks and other than streaking the back roads I have no outlet for my exhibitionism. I know there is a yahoo medical group but I am unable to find it. Perhaps one of your readers can send me a link. I'd love to be examined in front of a whole crowd of clothed onlookers. I'm sure I'd be hard the entire time!

Jared, I am completely with you and your comments are those I have made over the years, including how porn films miss the fetish (when the doctor and patient interact). Having lived in NYC with lot's of opportunities and guys, there seem to be two groups attracted to med. scenes. The first group reach a tipping point when told to either 'strip down to your short' or 'drop you short.' The second group starts at that point, moving into enemas, equipment, etc. Fantasy scenes don't work for me because I need, for whatever reason, the exact situation of an exam room, not a kitchen or living room which tries to look like one. It is the vulnerability of the situation. I also find it watching wrestling weigh-ins, when the guys are all stripped down to underwear and drop their shorts before mounting the scales or their skin checks, when, totally naked, they turn around before the doctor with their hands on their heads for his inspection.

I Completetly share your fantasy 100%. Even the teacher\student and coach\ athelete scenarios. I always played sports and love the thought of getting with a hot coach in charge. But back to the doctor scenario - The slow and calculated probing of a doctor examening you and having to do exactly what this "authority figure" is telling you to do as they explore your body is sooo unbelieveably hot. Being naked and out of control while they are in total control. Being so vunerable and awkward. I also share your disatisfaction with porn in how they are always jumping strait to fucking or sucking and never the slow interaction between people like telling a story. I love your stuff - where did you get the pictures - they are soooo hot. Please send me anything that relates to this subject, pictures, sites, vids, etc. Thanks bud

Mdical exam play has been a big interest of mine for years. Since 7th grade I have been turned on by med exams. Lots of real med exams have been very erotic to me.

Can anyone e-mail a link me to sites where I can find those with the same interest to meet for this kind of play? I prefer to be he patient.

I am in Chicago area.


hey jared, man i love the idea of it all. my fetish is so real that i bevrt really see a doc. if i could fing someone to play with like that, i think i would burst all over the place! especially a doc who would take me down and sat, set a not broken arm and maybe leg at the same time and keep me like that for afew daze and men how great would that be! so thanks for writing about it all, peace, b

Hey guys, is there any kind of directory for guys wanting to meet other guys into the Medical Exam Fetish?

Hey guys, I have been reading some of your older posts. I get it on the mental side of the medical fetish, as well as the power play stuff. It's important in the CMNM stuff, hazing and in doc/patient and coach/player. When I wrestled in HS we wrestled a military prep school. At weigh in, the entire team stripped together and waited for weigh in. It was very intimidating. At that meet I wasn't close to weight enough to have to strip, but I had an erection when I weighed.

At another meet, a 4 school meet, I was the second to weigh in and I already had an erection knowing I was going to weigh naked. There were easily 20 people in the room besides the 20 or so wrestlers. Taking off my shorts behind the line where you had to be in weigh in dress, my cock caught on my shorts and slapped what to me sounded like very loudly against my stomach. I was thinking do I grab my balls "like a wussy" like the guys had talked about, or stand there and let it all hang out "like a man." I was worried about that when I was called up and ended up not covering myself at all. My brain was whirling too much.

I weighed over by just a tiny amount and my coach jumped up and demanded to see the scales and wanted me to weigh again. The other coaches gathered around everyone checked the scales with a test weight and my coach weighed himself and then I got back up and I was still over, by the tiniest amount. The coaches and the referee had a discussion about letting me go or allowing me to reweigh in the next class. Everyone finally agreed to let me weigh for the next class, but said I had to get the paperwork fixed with the scorer. The assistant coach who was a college student grabbed me by the arm and took me through all the coaches and witnesses to the guy in the back of the room with all the matches. I stood there while he filled out the information on the computer and had quite a bit of problems with it. It seemed like 20 min but I'm sure it was less than 2 or 3.

When he got me corrected in the paperwork, he said I had to go back to weigh in to be in the right class. I walked across the room, through several groups of people and had to stand in line behind 6 other guys. In that 10 min I felt like everyone in the room looked at my erection. After I weighed in, the guy that had my shorts had left the room. Finally someone gave me a jacket to put around me and I went to the lockeroom. That entire time I felt out of control, nervous, scared, even felt that I deserved a spanking. I had just had my first "adult" spanking scene about 3 weeks before.

I have jo'd thinking about this many times with various fantasy changes. To be honest I did just now too. Maybe others will understand.

The whole situation and mental part of it seem to be most important to me. A lot of porn doesn't get it I agree. I would like to do a medical scene with a real doctor. I chatted with one in my area a while ago who understood and may give my real physical knowing that.

Sorry to ramble so much. Don't know if this was the right place to post this.

Is there a place to visit or go to live out being a patient? I live in the north east area of the country.

Hey bro, there is nothing wrong with you at all man...i think its so awesome that you have found something that isnt really on the weird side but still is so erotic. Just to share a personal story with you though if ur interested which involves my actual physician.

I started going to a new dr. about 6 yrs ago just for basic checkups and stuff, and also various other things i could make up just to see him. A little about this doc...I am a pharmacist by trade and he and I did our clinical rounds together for a year before I graduated so we knew each other well. I was dating a girl and he also at the time and we would occasionally doubledate. (just a little history)
Anyway so one day I go in and complain about my rear end stingy a bit and asked if he would check me out....I had already cleaned to the hilt and so wasnt nervous, but he got really nervous. I felt like I knew him well enough to say whats wrong bro? He just kindof nervous giggled and said I dont know just kindof weird touching your asshole and seeing your cock. Personally Im 9in 7in round cut thick, curves down slightly (in other words I must say I have a nice cock). I laughed too and teased him that he'd feel more comfortable if I could touch his cock and balls and get it out of our system. At this point we were both single but I still consider myself mainly str8 although this guy (who looks like an Abercrombie model)could make me gay any minute. He laughed off my comment, but stood up to grab an instrument convienantly located on the side right by me. I couldnt resist so I reached out and started fondeling his bulge and noticed he was rock hard...I didnt waist any time and in about 10 minutes we had both had the best blowjobs. Needless to say, he became my dr for the next few years and yeah most of the time there wasnt anything wrong at all; but those 45 minute exams are some of my more awesome memories dude....KEEP ON KEEPIN ON


I read your reports and found them very erotic making me hard all the way through. I thought you might be interested in a true story of a medical exam when I was 17, quite a few years ago now.
I worked for a large UK company that insisted that all apprentices have a medical every year. The medicals were all done in one go and in the same room, a large hall. In all there were around 40 apprentices, and as we arrived we were told to sit on a long bench against one wall. In the middle of the room was a desk where the doctor’s secretary sat taking notes and watching.
When we were all there, we were told to remove our shirts and stand in a line on the opposite side of the room and facing the benches were had been sitting at, so in truth we were shoulder to shoulder.
The doctor started from one end, examining the chest, eyes, ears, all the usual stuff. He then ordered you to drop your trousers and shorts. He examined your genitals carefully, both visually and by hand, finally asking you to cough to check for hernias. After he was finished, you were told to return to the bench and get dressed then wait, so the early ones were facing us all as we were examined.
I was about the third in line, he was up to me fairly soon. I was/am shy and only dropped my trousers and shorts slightly. He said in a loud voice that he couldn’t see anything, take them right down. I did, and while I was shy, I was enjoying it in a way that I didn’t understand. Him telling me he couldn’t see anything made the secretary look up too, she watched what was happening, in fact I saw her look up many times to watch, especially after the individual was told to drop his trousers. He checked my genitals thoroughly, then, stood at my side checking the curvature of my back (I do have a slight curvature but its never bothered me). He asked if I had back trouble, I didn’t I told him. He said he wanted to check it more thoroughly as he was concerned. Then he told me to stay as I was and he would come back to me.
The rest of the apprentices were examined while I waited, trousers and short round my ankles. By the time he had finished, all the apprentices including many of my mates were sitting on the bench opposite and looking at me, naked and vulnerable. My feelings of embarrassment were intense, I was the only one left and was nude, every eye seemed to be on me, or on my dick. I felt twinges several times and concentrated so hard not to get erect, that would have been the height of embarrassment. I did start an erection but all it did was to make me look a bit bigger than normal so I got away with it.
He returned to me and the room was in silence, I was shaking either with nerves or excitement, I don’t know which, but at that moment I was the centre of attention of the room.
He stood at my side again and once again checked my back, instead of walking to my other side, he asked me to turn round, now I had my back to the rest of them. I was ok then until he asked me to lean forward slightly, all the time he was poking his fingers into my spine. Then, I had to bend right over and touch my toes, the height of indignity of it, but I couldn’t argue, he was in charge. I did so and once again he felt along my spine examining every vertebrae. I was well aware that my ass was open for all to see and my balls and dick were hanging for them to look at, all 40 of the other lads.
Finally he said I could get dressed but he wanted to check my back again next year, the secretary made a note of that. Again I assure you that this is 100% true.
I must have been all shades of red while this was going on, but I found afterwards that I had enjoyed it and longed for it to happen again, but it never did, I masturbated many times as I relived the exam in my mind.
We had the medical next year but I will tell you about that if you want in another mail.
That experience started my fetish I think, I would love to be examined by a play doctor but in the UK I haven’t found one. It would be a dream to relive what happened and be exposed to either just a single doctor, or several people who were watching him, I would want to be out of control just as I was in this story.
Keep up the good work on your site, thanks.

This is something I've been longing for. I'm in NY (Long Island, specifically) and don't know how to search for a real doctor who will be willing to satisfy my fetish. I agree with you guys all the way...it's about standing there, naked, following directions, letting the doctor have his way with you....I can't take it!! haha. If anyone has any info for me, please let me know.

I have the medical fetish and have two good stories, one about me and one about my bf.

I am a tall, built, hairy, good looking, blonde blue eyed 30something man that is well hung. I once had a doctor, older gentleman, good looking, gray hair, that was from Russia. He was the kind of guy that you know was hot when he was young. In the exam he had me strip and stand naked where he sat on a stool and examined my penis and balls. He started making comments that I was "strong like Russian soldier" and must be Russian and that I was "strong like bull." I swear. I kind of thought he was getting off on my dick but I wasn't sure. I got a skin rash and had to return two or three times more in quick succession. Every time I came about this skin rash, he'd have me strip, stand up and he'd sit on a stool with his face level with my penis and do "RUssian soldier" analogy. Well, after the third time, I decided to have fun with it. I made myself get hard in the waiting room but concealed it. When he sat on his little stool and told me to pull my pants down, out flops my big 9x6 incher waving around in his face. I wondered what he would do. I wish I had a better ending but he got really freaked out and never had me strip again.

My boyfriend has a better story. My bf is the bottom, I'm the top. He is smooth, average height, Puerto Rican, thin great muscular body,verycute and the hottest bubble butt you ever saw. He's the kind of guythat gets his ass pinched in the clubs all the time.

So before he ever came out, when he was a virgin, he went to see an internist about an abdominal pain that eventually became a tumor. (Happy ending about that by the way). THe nurse had him strip naked and put on a hospital gown that was very open in the front. The doctor came in. He was in his 40s, black hair, green eyes, very built, good looking man. My bf wasn't out yet but knew he liked men and found him attractive right away. THe doctor started to do his thing and then when it was time for the prostate exam, he told my bf to untie the gown which was already very open with his bubble butt poking through. He had my bf lay face down on table with his penis laying out between his legs and not under his belly. THe gown was so open that my bf was totally naked and exposed except for bascially the little material still clasped around the neck. THe doctor put the glove on, lubed up his hole and put his finger in...for a while...for a long time....then he pulled his finger out and went in again. My bf said he was pushing in very deep and there were sensations of pleasure and pain but it was his first exam and he didn't know from anything so he thought this was how it done. What this fingering did do was cause my bf to get slightly and probably visible erect. The doctor then pulled out and had him sit up again to check his throat. When he went to check his throat, the doctor pushed his crotch up against my bf's knee very hard. The doctor had a half boner. Not only did my bf feel it but the doctor apparently had a very long and thick penis that was visible portruding from his scrubs. When the doctor walked in, you couldn't see his penis through his uniform. While the doctor check the throat, my bf made perhap his very first "move" and began to rub his knee up and down on the doctor's penis making it harder. Now again, I wish there was a more exciting ending, but the doctor acted like there was no rubbing going on and keep the exam going and then ended it and left.

I called a urologist friend of mine and told him the story. He told me that some doctors do ask the gown to be untied, it's optional. But if the gown was visibly loose and open in the back there could be a question of why the doctor wanted it even MORE open. Internists, he tells me, do not prolonged examinations, only urologists do. Internists pop in your anus feel left, right and middle and out. A urologist might spend more time in there, but my urologist friend had no explanation as to why the doctor went in a second time, except for sexual gratification. CHecking the throat right after the prostate is apparently out of order. Even if the doctor didn't have an erection, you don't touch a patient like that, rubbing up hard against them. You would just move the knee over and lean in so there is not contact.

Needless to say, this story turned me on. I went out and bought a hospital gown and had my bf re enact the whole thing so I could see what he must have looked like on the table face down with his hospital gown on. I took a ton of pics. I wish you could see them. He was so hot with his little round bubble butt in the air and his slopey muscular back, etc... I took a glove and re enacted the exam, only when we got to the end, instead of walking out the door, like the good doctor did, I gave my bf, what he probably wanted that day.

Enemas can be great stmulation and something that can be done alone.

Most think it is weird.

Just think it can be really very fun.

Giving or receiving.


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Way back in August 2005 I started this blog and stopped writing several years later when life got too busy. I am leaving it up for future readers to find. I post pics almost every week though as I surf the net.

It isn't really about naked pics. It is about me exposing by deepest sexual secrets and leaving myself and my soul completely naked for the world to see.

Way back in the early 2000's I discovered a need to be vulnerable and naked in front of others, whether it be in public, among other naked guys, among clothed guys, or in front of authority.

Sometimes I like to be tied down, spanked, flogged and tortured. Sometimes I like to be physically examined and humiliated by someone of authority. I am a complete exhibitionist.

I also like to see others in the same situation where I am the one clothed or the one in authority.

I am not the greatest writer in the world. Some may say I stink and that I should keep my day job. I am not writing this blog to be a writer but to record my exploration of these fetishes. Every story is as accurate as my memory allows except the names of the people I encounter and most of the pictures. The pictures in this blog are, for the majority, not me. I pulled most of them from various sites on the internet. I will give credit to the individual photo owners when I know where they came from. If you see a pic that is yours and you want to take it down just let me know.

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