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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I so agree with you - can I have him when you're done? Though I'd like to look like that too... need to hit the gym harder *sigh*

How could you not be attracted to someone with such classical good looks and masculine build? A not overly hairy chest can be pretty damned sexy!

Give me a pair of handcuffs and a straight razor. I'd have him smooth in no time.

Oh honey, if you don't want the hairy ones, send 'em my way. I'll take a nicely furred chest over a barren one any day.

Yes, honey, this much hair on a man is utterly delicious. Hot! I've never quite understood the smooth thing...


I never let a day go by without reading your blog, but you've got to be kidding me. A man without body hair is a boi, and who needs 'em.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

I remember when I was getting tired of the smooth boys in videos, then along came Zak Spears, viva la hair.

Makes me want to roar...

whats wrong with us boys with hair? :-(

he is HOT!!

He is kinda close kin to Chris Evans hairyness its still looks hot enough.

I love a hairy chest! And yes, Zak Spears...delicious!

Wow, I love a hairy chest like that, real man. Nice welcome back, as hadn't read you in a while cause been so busy with my blogs.
For hot color, format, great photos, take a look at


thnks dave

Hairy men are the BEST! The old saying is true - if I wanted smooth, I'd date women. ;-) Of course, what is worse than smooth is BODY STUBBLE - guys trying to be smooth who aren't. If I wanted to have my face scratched off I'd date sandpaper!

This is so natural. Hot hairy muscle guys are so HOT. Thanks for sharing

you very handsome and very sexy and hot i love it





he is wunderfull and verry sexy.
i wish i cant wake up somewan nere a boy like him.

he is wunderfull and verry sexy.
i wish i cant wake up somewan nere a boy like him.

he is wunderfull and verry sexy.
i wish i cant wake up somewan nere a boy like him.

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