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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


No fair I say, if the guys gotta strip the girls do too. ;-) Hmmm?

Interesting that the command is more of a turn-on than the dare. For me, it's more the "lost bet" scenario -- the naked person had a choice to not take the bet, potentially thought their victory was a sure thing, potentially risked more than they would have on a simple bet, but are now forced to pay up.

Initiation is fun, too, especially if there's a group being hazed, because it appeals to both the voyeur and the exhibitionist simultaneously.

I think that, for the controlling, creative, initiating person, it's the loss of control that is the turn-on. It's the surrendering of responsibility...the uncertainly of what might happen... that's the erotic high.

yes, to be forced, i am under the impretion that it is a turn on because A)its something that normally one doesn't have to worry about, and B) because one is a control freak [atleast to some degree, like myself, raised as an only child]

but i'm guessing the boys are nude because otherwise they wouldn't be alowed there

Jared, I know these situations are difficult to find, but maybe you could find something on craigslist. Maybe 1 to 3 females that would enjoy a naked male to play with.

Um, you have one right here that wouldn't mind playing with a naked you!!! lol

What I love is in the first picture the looks on the two girls faces. One smiles as if she approves and is amused. The other looks a bit wary. Too funny! I wonder what is really going on here?

Stop reading and get naked NOW!

I'll put my clothes back on so it turns you on more ;)

Jared, Please take Sue up on her offer! Maybe she has a friend or two that will play too.

It's clearly a European setting in the photos. They are so much less hung up than we are. Sigh.

If I looked as hot as some of the young men in those photos, I'd spend as much time nude in public as I could!

This reminds me of the time I got busted for sucking cock at Canaveral Nat'l Seashore. A sherrif's deputy appeared from over the dunes pointing a shotgun at us (like we were armed with something other than our stiff cocks?) The deputy marched us nude at gunpoint a mile back down the beach to the parking lot to book us. There's something very humiliating yet exciting about being the only one without clothes, this time because I had no choice in thr matter. One of my great fantasies is to be rip-stripped and left naked to find my way home.

I have the same fantasy. Strange ... I thought I was the only one! LOL

That has been a favourite fantasy of mine for years... I have a real public nudity fetish that got me snagged in Sacramento a decade or so back!

Apart from the fact men should be naked I agree with Jared, there is something of an amazing turn on about being forced to be naked. I remember the gym instructor at my senior school who forced all the guys to line up in the locker room naked, so he could "grade" you as to how "much of a man you were." Very humiliating at the time - again the "hard-on issue I share with you Jared - but one hell of a fantasy all tehse years later!

Since I'm 62 and don't look like anyone's Idea of a paramour, I play to type. That is, I wear a dopey looking pullover homemade pig mask and play CFNM under professional Dommes, up to 3 at a time. They LOVE it, along with the chance to humiliate me in every way imaginable (though rides on my shoulders and three on my back, when I'm down on all fours, are most common). I'm lucky to have video and lots of still photos of these events. Great memories for awhile to come (no pun intended).

I think CFNMZONE gets it right. Straights, gay/bi guys and ladies can all enjoy the CFNM they post.



CFNM is a very wild scene...I have a blog that has many of my adventures as a CFNM "sub for hire", including naked bartending, full monty stripping and more

can i join the site

Here's another great outlet of Cfnm stuff--it's updated pretty much every other day from what I've seen:
It's actually a free blog-type site that has all sorts of different Cfnm scenarios on it.

Man I feel the same way you do. I look at cfnm on line all the time and wish it was me. I am a married man and my wife is not into it at all. I dont want to cheat on her or anything, I just want to be naked around the ladies. They can touch, tease, tie a leash on me and walk me in public like a pet I dont care as long as Im naked. I realy injoy being that way and even mor love the looks on others faces.

Lot's of CFNM here



This is my favorite CFNM site. They do scenes at the beach!


I really like a lot of cfnm pics too, not as much as to see sexy naked dudes(tho it is a plus) but for the humiliation in it. Nothing gets me like seeing a guy scared or humiliated in my presence, Tho I have no actual experience, I'm afraid ppl will think I'm weird of something if I say anything about it. Just in my fantasies. Hopefully one day I'll work up the courage to ask someone to roleplay something like that with me.

Nooooo katie, girls should expect guys to be naked around them. Because of my gf, I belong to a nude beach club, owned by females. She MAKES me go, clothing is optional for females, but males HAVE to be naked.

I get humiliated very often, kim says that girls have been humiliated for so long, it is time for guys to, especially since a guy's private is suppossed to be seen.

Nothing like stripping down and jerking my cock for a friend...man or woman. Just feels sooo good. Even more fun with a friend!



i was thought that i am the only one who lik to be forced by female to get nakd i like bieing naking infront of girls and i would lik to download real movies if any one know a cfnm movies site

it seems there are quite a few guys [not gay] like me who would like to be naked or stripped by a lot of attractive girls oh these secret desires from david in new zealand

The Pics are great. It is nice to see the boys naked with girls. Girls too are entitled for some good scenes like naked boys

wow, that is so much like me
in real life i am very shy and would never be able to do anything even close to this, but in my fantasies i always think about cfnm and being forced into being naked infront of women, even though if it really happened to me it would be traumatizing, to think about it is exciting

Being naked in front of clothed females is the best turn on ever for me. I didnt ever think i would have the guts to do it but on holiday in Europe went on a beach where nudism is allowed but there were also girls in swim suits. The feeling of being totally exposed was amazing. I walked down to the sea naked right passed a group of girls and one in particular seemed to check me out. I could see her looking between my legs. My dicks not that big and a wry smile went across her face. As you can imagine after being in the cold water i looked more like a small boy than a man and as i walked back passed the girls one made a gesture with her little finger and the others giggled and laughed. This feeling of humiliation just raised the pleasure for me. Would like to experienc eit again anytime.

I too would find being naked in front of females erotic which is why CFNM is great. I particularly like the 2nd photo down where a naked male is seen beside a couple of girls in swimsuits. I think that partly the reason I find CFNM exciting is because I am still a virgin. I have had what you may call a mild CFNM experience a few years ago when I was 26 and showering naked at my sports club although to me, due to my lack of sexual experience it was like WOW! Here is what happened which is completely true...I was the only one showering at the time in the mens changing room when a girl of about 18-19 walked in looking for her boyfriend. Instead, she saw me, this really skinny guy completely naked, and said, "Oh woops!" Then she asked, "Excuse me, you haven't seen a tallish guy with short dark hair in here, have ya?" I answered as relaxed as I could while my heart was pounding and my penis hardening that I hadn't and she said "Thanks." to which I replied, "That's okay." I never covered my penis and balls from this girl and she looked at me all the time we were talking. Once she left the room I felt so excited that I ejaculated in the shower. This was the first time I'd cum involuntary apart from on the occasions I have wet dreams.

Man, being required to be naked on a swim team with the girls in bathing suits is SO hot! So this is probably in Europe? Does anyone have info on where more similar pics could be found? Some of the pics here look like practice, yet one other looks like a real swim meet, with the three girls in suits and bathing caps, and the guy with only a bathing cap. I'd sure like to see more of these pics!!!....can't help but fantasize about being one of the naked guys!

mens in naked is super , even thou i am a man i like these pic , because i am very much interested in nuding , that is the reason i used to brows this site every dat night atleast min. 2hrs i am seeing these pic. infact i am intersted in doing giving these type of stills as well as i like to enyoj like this. In india it is not possible if any one offers me i am ready to do .With greats thanks to the team of completely naked org.Pls keep in touch with my mail Id.

These pics are hot! Especially the first two...Love that guys face, body and, of course, his cock

It would be more sexy if it was just one naked man.

I'd like to do this. Maybe I could visit the US on holiday and not be allowed to wear any clothes for the whole two or three weeks? I'm not gay, I wouldnt want to be raped though. I often day-dream about being a women's slave, so do any women want to exploit me?

Years ago when I had a deep all-over tan and was a bottle-blonde I was going to perform for a gay club, by rubbing myself all over with margarine to make me all shiny, and then coming at least once. I also felt very nervous with stage-fright as it got nearer and nearer the date. Aids was becoming known then, and I was genuinely worried about being raped, so I cancelled. They contacted me through a personal ad I had in a newspaper.

I have asked if I could take my clothes off when I had a landlady, and when a mature woman took me home on a date, and I loved it. With one of them I did a streak outside, the other one wouldnt let me go out.

I also modelled for a gay man once, I enjoyed that. Unfortunately before the internet there were no opportunities for male models as otherwise I would have loved having a career jerking off in public as much as possible.

I could be a male stripper or nude waiter now - would feel a little shy in the UK but if any women in the US or europe would like to manage me, they can keep the money.

If anyone would like to exploit me for CFNM, perhaps the site-owner would relay an email to me.

That's funny Sue.....should I put my clothes back on too??

I like being naked in my dorm room. We have shared space with 4 other girls. I started going naked by accident when I went to take a shower. I came out thinking no one was there. I came out..naked...and there were 6 (something like that) other girls there. When I came out...stark naked..they all looked...then kinda looked away...I was in that mood so..I went to the frig...got something to drink...and started to talk to people I knew...I was nervous at first but kept chatting away...It was a big turn-on for me then I found out later the other girls thought it was too....

i like that the girls seem to be saying you dont know what we look like naked but we know exactly what all you boys look like naked

second photo down looks set-up women behind last naked guy looks wary doesn't want to make eye-contact

I used to have a female friend where I would occasionally go over to her house in the evening and we would talk a share a few glasses of wine. I always had a fantisy of getting naked in front of her and somehow it happened. When if did, she wanted me to do myself. So I did. What a turn on! Then I did it for her and a friend. I couldn't beleive it. A hot experience to say the least. Well, that relationship has gone away years ago. Oh how I would love to stroke up a new experience, if you know what I mean.

I had my sister in law walk in on me while undressing from her pool. We just kind of pretended it didn't happen and started talking about starting up the grill. I never covered myself, and she never looked away. It was very hott!

i would love to be naked in front of other females like these pics,it turns me on to the point of jerking off

It seems to me that the world is coming to an end very soon and we are still waisting our time by looking at naked people!!! Repent and pray to God for your forgiveness. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI says that things need to go back as they used to be before.
Lets go to Mass in Latin!!!!!

It seems to me that the world is coming to an end very soon and we are still waisting our time by looking at naked people!!! Repent and pray to God for your forgiveness. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI says that things need to go back as they used to be before.
Lets go to Mass in Latin!!!!!

I went to Florida with my sister Ankita and brother Aayush. Ayush is just 10 year old. He loved roaming on the beach while we watched his tiny penis flopping up and down. Me and Ankita are both 17. It was fun many young nude boys. We definately look forward to more trip to Florida to resume looking at many erect penises.

I have always had the CFNM fantasies.. but never knew how to articulate them to someone else.. was i a pervert? a fag? no.. I'm a straight dude who loves CFNM. I love thinking of a family senario where the men are walking around nude and the women are clothed. We have no privacy they even come in when we are peeing they just walk in... we have to swim nude etc.. they just drop our pants.. the daughters (of legal age) in front of thier friends.. etc.. yum yum yum

I also had my sister in law walk in on me while showering. She's a coach at my High school and we went to swim on the weekend so she just unlocked 1 locker room she walked in to the shower room with her towel wraped around her and saw me. I was like (in my mind) soooo hot. then she left and waited for me to come out then she went in to shower.. so then i walked back in (now both of us r nude) to get my shampoo. then i went out to find my clothes and dry of. well... i found my close but i couldn't find a towel so now i walked over where she was dressing and asked to use her towel. so she was there in panties and bra and im naked and wet( once again in my mind im like cool ) then she got dressed and i went and put on my clothes. We just kind of pretended it didn't happen and went home.

Surely the sexiest situation for a boy: I loved the look of surprised admiration when I first stripped off in front of two girl classmates

K got a new one i was sitting over at my brothers house to baby sit his kids his wife was all ready and he was in the shower i was laying on the couch with athletic shorts and i dont wear boxers and my legs were up she went to the end of the couch by my feet to tell me when to put the kids to bed and wut to feed them but she kept lookin down(hmmm...) then we had about a 15 min covo until her husband was ready but she didnt leave the spot until it was time to go.

would u guys consider this cfnm or wut?

This pics turn me on.I found the cfnm.net site and I was amazing, bur don't access all.I love the stories about cfnm and hypnosis control. Dou you have more photos ? Sorry about my poor english.

Great photos... I'm not a big cfnm.net fan, but LOVE cfnm stuff! I actually like all the free cfnm videos and pictures at the All Things CFNM blog. If you don't know the address it's at http://allthingscfnm.net

I wish there were more of those nude swimming pics available!

great stuff.

love to drive nude and go to nude beaches,maybe cycle in breif cloths etc

I have exactly the same fetish, including being turned on even more by getting in trouble for my erection

ow, that is so much like me
in real life i am very shy and would never be able to do anything even close to this, but in my fantasies i always think about cfnm and being forced into being naked infront of women, even though if it really happened to me it would be traumatizing, to think about it is exciting my cont. id is haari1976 on ymail and h mail,any iterested contact me I am 30/m still virgin from india,i ready through cam&live as per ur convineint thanks haari

I'm a 53-year old married man, very sexual, and secretly bi. I'm also very into exhibitionism, something else my wife of 28 years has no clue about. Recently I talked her into having us visit a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs, Calif. She agreed as long as she didn't have to strip (she is very shy and modest, unfortunately). As soon as we got there, I unpacked, stripped off all my clothes, then put on my flip flops and walked right out there into the hot sunshine and all those naked people around the pool! I had one nano-second of an odd feeling, then reveled in it and was immediately one of them! I have an extremely tiny penis (only about 1 inch soft, and 3-3/4" fully erect), so I SHOULD be ashamed and embarrassed to be seen like that in front of all those strangers. But I really get off on humiliation and degradation, another thing my wife doesn't know...and I had to fight off erections the two days we were there. Nothing like it when a group of young, hung guys and their beautiful ladies are standing there talking with you, and your tiny, boy-sized pee pee is barely poking its head out of your pubic hair! The girls' eyes keep flicking down to my crotch..and when I leave, I hear snickering, laughing, etc. Damn exciting! I've got to really work on my wife and hope to convince her to go nude next time, as I want everyone to see my wife naked as well....

I looked up naked LESBIANS not gay-ass parties!

Girls in swim suits AND naked guys! Dream come true! Id probably get in trouble to tho coz i got a hard-on issue aswell. Fuck im gonna b lookin at these pics for a while lol!

I love these scenes, is it worth it to pay for a subscription?

thanks, Pablo

I've seen these pics elsewhere, and they are classics... But the best roleplay is being forcefully strip searched by a female cop, maybe one thats caught you stealing, and blackmails you into stripping, or she'll bust you!.. A good scenario for roleplay with your gf (or f**k buddie), but maybe not so great in real life... Or would it be?...

I wish more CFNM were *more* bi. This is one of the few picsets I have seen with multiple nude guys in it. More often you get a single goofy dude being "humiliated" by a squad of bad porn actresses. I'd be more interested in a group of guys getting themselves off while the girls watched. That would be hot...for me at least.

It's funny how people view things differently. Seeing those pictures brought back the funniest and most embarrassing memory of my life. When I was around 10, my Mom dropped me off one afternoon to babysit my twin cousins who were 4 and we ended up skinnydipping in the little plastic pool on their private patio.

Just as we were about to go in, we started clowning in front of the patio doors which were made with reflective glass so it was like being in front of a full-length mirror in the nude. After a few minutes of silliness, I finally slid the door open to go inside and there were my 2 sisters falling in the floor and holding their mouths to keep me from hearing them shrieking with laughter.

Maybe being naked in front of the opposite sex is a turn-on for some but I can tell you from experience that it's actually embarrassing as hell. The only thing worse than knowing they had watched me run around naked all afternoon was having to spend the next several years being tormented by my older sister about how cute we were standing in front of them on the other side of the glass playing with our weenies like 3 little naked toddlers who had just discovered a new toy (trust me, it's humiliating as hell being 10 years old and realizing you just entertained the hell out of your 8 year old sister by jumping up and down with a couple of 4 year olds to make your penis flop).

Thanks for the photos. I don't share your fantasy, but they brought back a funny memory...

Those swimmer pics are amazing. Age 10, last yr. w/ a babysitter, I used to take a bath, then read in bed on my stomach w/ a towel around my waist. Old babysitter used to read in an easy chair. She'd hound me to get ready for bed. I'd stall. 1 night I kept reading & she ended up undoing the towel & slipping my shorts up for me while I kept reading. I remember perfectly how overwhelmingly electric it was for me, feeling how close she was to my bare behind & how she was looking right at it — whew.

holy crap!!!!!!!!

i would love to be stripped down to nothing for the girls,im in michigan and would love to do it,

complete nude in public
a naked spa
a naked pool
a nude resort?
yes its sea mountain inn
i was totally nude at sea mountain inn for 3 days and never had a better vacation its top notch high class

complete nude in public
a naked spa
a naked pool
a nude resort?
yes its sea mountain inn
i was totally nude at sea mountain inn for 3 days and never had a better vacation its top notch high class

These photos are interisting because they are the real thing and not made up and just for sex like most other sites. They are so innocent! And that is their real appeal.
They are so natural.
Let's have some more of them please. But they are so rare.

I am really into the idea of naked men being around me while I am fully clothed. I love it because it is a way for women to explore their sexuality at the expense of men. The situation kind of reduces men to a piece of meat.

I am really into the idea of naked men being around me while I am fully clothed. I love it because it is a way for women to explore their sexuality at the expense of men. The situation kind of reduces men to a piece of meat.

As a young female I also find these pics hot. I am interested in the way things are changing now to acknowledge that women are sexual creatures and have as much right to look at and objectify the male as vice versa [you could argue more so, as we have hundreds of years of onesidedness to reverse]. I have been looking in my Masters thesis at how advertising is now using the male body to sell to women - and finding that it works! I have many fantasies like the above pics myself and have managed to engineer a number of experiences, athough enforced nakedness is less easy/likely to be encountered other than in some clearly abusive situations [eg prisons, military and hazing]. For some reason hazing is particularly popular in high schools in India where is has proven to be a much discussed and controversial issue and where it increasingly involves male students being stripped by, or in front of, females to deepen their humiliation.

Sandy you may have other problems going on here ? Quote:"I love it because it is a way for women to explore their sexuality at the expense of men. The situation kind of reduces men to a piece of meat."

u guys are gay y dont u like girls??????/

i love cfnm it turns me on just thinking about being the guy in these pictures,i wouldlove to be naked around the girls,i wish i new where i coud go in michigan for it.

I would enjoy being nude at a pool with just women there and they are all in bathung suits.

hey its completely unfair for women to paly with naked men..
it would be better if we have fully clothed men taking off the clothes of women and getting them naked.. humiliating the naked women causing the women to blush red being naked and then play with their naked bodies..

Some years back I used to use a public pool which had almost open plan changing areas. There weren't many cubicles and men and boys would usually change without using the cubicles. Girls would wander through quite openly looking at us often causing some of the younger lads to get erections.Several times girls would go into the male showers, usually with their boyfriends and eye us up as we showered naked.On one occasion I needed a pee, but when I went into the male toilets there was a young female attendant in there about 18 yrs old,cleaning the pipe which fed water into the urinal. I turned to go out, but she said "It's OK, carry on" So I stood there and peed as she watched. Another time I was on holiday in Miami and went to Haulover Beach. I had noticed an extremely cute young guy who was totally naked, as were most of the other people on the crowded nudist stretch. A bit later I saw him in the water splashing around with another guy. They were both in up to their chests. One of the lifeguards blew a whistle and ordered them both out. The cute lad had a raging hard-on, but the lifeguard made him stand there while he lectured them both about their behaviour. The boy did nothing to cover himself, then the lifeguard made him walk up the beach to where his clothes were, still erect in front of men, women and children. Nobody would have known he had a hard-on if the lifeguard hadn't paraded him in front of everyone. All of this is 100% true!!

I totally share your interest in this...ever since i was in High school I have tried to get myself...or sometimes my straight guy fiends into scenarios like this. ITS SO HOT!

I am a 19 year old male. When I was 15 my sister 14 dared me to walk out naked to the pool when her girlfriends were over. There was 7 of them, talking about being turned on.

I love private home parties, where everyone ends up naked.

ha for my prank im a sophmore in highschool everyone thought i was shy of my naked body so when the girls softball and track teams were practicing i went into their lockerroom and sat on a couch they have in there totally naked and both teams came in to change and their i was limp. right when they saw me it stood straight up and i stood and i just started talking to them and touching myself some ignored it others loved it. there were about 50 girls

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That's the exact same fetish I have! It's identical. I thought I was weird. Didn't realize there was someone else with the exact same thing going. Commanded naked with no erection in front of clothed people, especially girls is the most turning on thing ever

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What is CN?

Way back in August 2005 I started this blog and stopped writing several years later when life got too busy. I am leaving it up for future readers to find. I post pics almost every week though as I surf the net.

It isn't really about naked pics. It is about me exposing by deepest sexual secrets and leaving myself and my soul completely naked for the world to see.

Way back in the early 2000's I discovered a need to be vulnerable and naked in front of others, whether it be in public, among other naked guys, among clothed guys, or in front of authority.

Sometimes I like to be tied down, spanked, flogged and tortured. Sometimes I like to be physically examined and humiliated by someone of authority. I am a complete exhibitionist.

I also like to see others in the same situation where I am the one clothed or the one in authority.

I am not the greatest writer in the world. Some may say I stink and that I should keep my day job. I am not writing this blog to be a writer but to record my exploration of these fetishes. Every story is as accurate as my memory allows except the names of the people I encounter and most of the pictures. The pictures in this blog are, for the majority, not me. I pulled most of them from various sites on the internet. I will give credit to the individual photo owners when I know where they came from. If you see a pic that is yours and you want to take it down just let me know.

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