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Friday, February 02, 2007


This guy reminds me of hot bartender Jason at Fiesta Cantina in West Hollywood. Although Jason has a better toned body!

Seems to bee somewhere in Russia because of the letters on the yellow bag.

it must've been very cold in that building.

The pic is from a couple of years ago....its been around the net....I think some Russian mobile phone company had a contest and if you stripped you got a phone!

Russia, Moscow to be precise

He's really cute.

He's pretty, but bless his heart, that little thing looks like a button on a fur coat.

The firm Euroset is based in Moscow: http://www.euroset.ru/

Small Russian buttons are well known to inflate to acceptable sizes. The deflated size is simply nature's way of protecting the toys from the elements.

Hmmm... Chris, that sounded like the voice of experience. ;-P

I love his cock. I am sure it is a grower.

He looks like Justin from Flirt4free.com

But he is no match for our Jared hehehe.

Interesting pic I first say on an ezboard about a yr back. Poor little guy. I would be interested to see more from that collection. Particularly female participants.

Well, I can't tell you where it is... but I CAN tell you that the printing on the yellow bag is in Russian...

his cock looks hot and totally normal size to me... not sure what sort of fantasy-land some of the rest of you are living in.

Read on the beg FbpoceTb. Its a russian photograph machine factory.
So, he is a russian guy very atractive and his pack is the type we call in Brazil "surprising pack". It grows im sure. Anyway he is great.

this is Fred. he has a very, very, valeuable ensemble, and he wanted it in his safe deposit box fast. the wolves were on his trail, you could say. he also had some really spicey bling bling he wanted to deposit also, and, while he was about it, he decided to try and check-in "all of his jewels," and thusly he gave the bank a clerk a peek, to see if they'd fit, as it were. ah, the banking industry.

Why can't we have promotional events like this here in the US?

Hi everybody,
I live in St-Petersburg, Russia. So I confirm that it was an advertising action of a big company Euroset, Moscow selling mobile phones, etc. The guy has probably got even a set of presents. If anybody is still interested in this - just let me know and I'll find more info in Russian net.

I find it interesting that in the background its mostly guys looking in at him.

What fine specimen...nice and lean...nice face...lovely bushy cock n' balls!

wow thats embarrassing. Being on the net showing that little a$$ penis just for a phone. everyone he knows has probly seen this pick.

wow thats embarrassing. Being on the net showing that little a$$ penis just for a phone. everyone he knows has probly seen this pick.

this is in Russia, 'coz the yellow bag has Russian letters on it ))) Seems like some type of presentation, lol

Whats the prob???, everything is normal. Skinny guy in the cold. If everyone has seen him naked, so what, he has nothing to be ashamed of. Of course, all the "wish we hads", and other people who worry about their sizes are making comments. If his gun can fire, then who cares about the size. Its the bullet that packs the punch, not the gun.

haha i know this boy his mail is davidcf05@hotmail.com he is not living in russia but he travel to russia.

i feel bad for this kid it must of been snowing or hes just small but props for being naked in public.

he's not small.... he's obviously cold and therefore shrunk down to size. not only is he in russia so being cold is a given, but you can tell how cold he is because of the muscle contractions all over his body (especially if you pay attention to his pecs) u cant tell he is shivering because its just a picture, but u can tell his muscles are contracting, so his dick is obviously gonna shrivel. i'm surprised it didnt shrink more than that. anyone who thinks otherwise is likely just inexperienced with having their dick nearly frozen to a popsicle. (which makes sense for the female bloggers)

ok, you all must be stupid, because there are two kind of penises, there are showers, which are large when flacid, and don't get much bigger when erect, and then there are growers, they are small when flacid, but get much longer and thicker when erect, god people are stupid!

he's indoors, skinny, and has a normal sized penis. if you think his penis is small, and /or are trying to make excuses for how small it looks then you've been looking at too much porn. you can't tell from this picture how cold it is, especially not from the tension in his muscles. that's just stupid. and if you look at him closely, you can see his penis isn't entirely flaccid (it's not hanging down). this is what a normal penis looks like. this is what a normal russian man's penis looks like.

Yes, his penis is not completely flaccid. It almost looks semi-erect if you ask me. And for what it's worth, I think a small penis looks better than a large one.

His penis is not tiny, but it is not average in size either. I've seen my share of penises, and his weiner falls under the mean flaccid penis length (3.5 inches). From what I can see, his penis looks to be about 2 inches long.

Wow, lots of virgins or negro screwing traitors here. Mine's about that big when I get out of a cold pool, but it's like 7" hard. Black guys look bigger because they have "showers" which really get no bigger when erect, just harder. Hence the myth, born of ignorance, that they are bigger. Guess that's why those mudsharks are always so stupid. They were so nasty they'd never been able to get a white guy hard.

Is the guy circumcised? I can't really tell from that picture. I don't really think his penis gets much bigger than that. As some have mentioned before, it's already in a somewhat aroused state. But who really gives a rat's ass if he has a small penis. He was brave enough to show it in public and possibly be humiliated in front of all his friends. All this taunting is really unneccessary.

His penis looks perfectly normal to me. Those of you who have a penis or see them quiet often will know this. It appears to be totally flaccid to me. I can say as for myself that when nervous or cold the nut sack draws up and the penis shrinks to about 3" long or so and sticks out instead of hanging for down most average sized guys. It has nothing to do w/ how big his penis is when erect. I think he's totally hot!

This picture was taken at a cell phone contest, seems to me it was in England or Russia. There were a lot of this picture making the rounds, with comments a couple of years ago.

I think this guy has a nice looking body, can tone the body up a little. If I was a women I'd sure like to bundle against that body, that is. I think he has a nice looking body and a nice package to show off as well. And hay! it worked he got what ever they were giving him in that bag.

As a gay nudist who fucking gets off being nude in public and having sex in public as well, I laud the above picture no matter which it cums from!!

By the way, the dude who spoke of the penis being so small, he is probably a, "grower", as I and we are small as hell flaccid but damn proud of what we have when were HARD!!

Right on for the cause of gay public nudity and sex.

Knoxville, TN

Who really care about his weenie. It's cold and he's embarrassed. He's really cute and the situation is delightfully provocative.

whoa! I lot of guys here really concerned about size!!! I'm much more interested in the fact that he's naked in public. As a nudist myself, I'm totally comfortable with my body -- it isn't perfect, but I don't have to hide -- If I could be out in public like this guy all the time I would do it.

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