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Friday, February 02, 2007


I'm a fairly new reader, and have been catching up on the last few weeks of entries.

Wow. I would have been so embarassed o_o; but somehow, from my position, that sounds really hot...maybe the doctor has had that happen before?

Oh my god... i know how devastatingly embarrassed you are but I would kill for a cock like that. Mine has the exact OPPOSITE reaction. Sometimes it doesn't really bother responding to really hot situations.
Don't dwell on it and count yourself lucky.

Aw Jared, the man's a doctor. I'm sure he's seen it all before! Stop making yourself crazy. :)

Hey Jared. I like that you felt like sharing this story; it's part of why you and your blog are interesting and engaging. As mortified as you may have felt, I believe the doctor was being honest with you about things like that happening all the time. And as for getting the condition dealt with, I had a friend who allowed the ingrown condition to persist, and the treatments then are much, much worse. Hidden agenda or not, Nathan is right on this one. In a few years, I hope you'll look back and laugh about it.

Been considering that proceedure, hadn't heard it was that painful...hmmm. Thanks for sharing!

Next time see if you can get the Dr. telling war stories...it will be a distraction, and I bet he really does have much worse stories than yours.

baby doll...you did something that many get stuck in trying...most doctors go through the procedure and actually perform this without you needing it...please dont feel embarassed..this doc at least knows you needed it and probably takes the money from many men who dont need it...you will need to get it done again and then you will have to decide whether you will have it done when you dont need it lovin eric

Jared, don't stress out about this. Sure, it's probably a reaction he doesn't see too often, but I bet you money he's seen and dealt with it before. Plus, he's a guy, so he knows how spontaneous an orgasm/erection can be. He's probably dealt with them himself numerous times when lasering hair off a naked woman laying in front of him. Did you stop and think about that? All in all, I would have been totally turned on to see you shoot without warning. Intense, bro. :) Hope all goes well and the pain doesn't feel as bad next time!!

Soooooo, you're going back a few more times? After this experience it won't be new and the novelty of it will have warn off. Good luck with your future visits!

Hey Jared, I'm a junior doctor in the UK and trust me, what happened to you is nothing comapred to some things people have happen to them. I bet you by the time you go back he will have forgotten about what happened. It's just a shock to you because of how personal it is, as a doc we kind of forget that sometimes as we see this stuff a lot. It's better than shitting yourself without warning! He knows the body has a mind of its own and it does react to sensation whether we want it to or not. It seems like your body just reacted to the laser and cream. Don't worry about it.

Jared, you're a healthy male and your body did what bodies do, react to stimuli. We all get freaked out about what's natural, when it deals with our bodies, as if we should be able to control everything. We can't. Don't make it more than it is: you had a check-up and all systems are go. Worse news could happen, right?

Hey Jared...don't worry..it means nothing...a few years ago I had to visit a urologist b/c I was having premature ejaculation problems...well he examined me...from head to toe...while i stood there nude...then asked me to get on the table and put my feet in the stirrups (pretty kinky!)...started to play with my cock and balls...looking, feeling etc...he even pulled the foreskin up and down (i am uncut)...then decided to perform a sonogram...low and behold i came and came and came to my embarassement...he wiped the mess up and continued the exam...but I was turned on by the whole thing...i think i have a medical fetish too...

my guess (uneducated as it is) is that the numbing cream is partly to blame, new sensations always get me hard...maybe thats what it was

I guess I just never understood the problem with hair. I understand about the ingrown hair - but you can have that removed.

Men are hairy. Hairy is hot.

I would have kept the hair but the story is hot and thanks a lot for sharing, Jared. We appreciate it.

I think it's great that you can find writing about these things cathartic, and the fact that you allow yourself to be vulnerable with your readers is one of the things that makes your journal so great.

Jared, as always I love your openess and willing to share, thanks for that buddy, and hang in there.

Jared, you're a healthy, gloriously sexual man and you did what healthy, gloriously sexual men do. This is one reason why you have so many loyal readers. There's no problem and don't be embarrassed.

Well, it is better than farting on the table. lol Ejaculation happens I guess and is not that unusual. Maybe next time you could ask the Dr. how frequently it happens. It may even have something to do with the cream causeing you to lose control and not just you, though you are easily aroused.

So when you're all done do we get to see a pic of the new and improved "smooth butt"?

Ughh... I dont know how I would have handled it... but knowing my smart ass ways, I would have probably giggled my way out the office... and to the closet bar to get drunk...

Hey Jared, you gave a pause in the first part that you’d wait until we stopped laughing but you didn’t tell me to wait the second time I broke out laughing!

I appreciate your tremendous honesty. Great blog.

LMAO...Jared, that was an awesome story. I wouldn't sweat it too much. One time, when I was in the Air Force, I had to get a physical. The young, hot, strapping military doctor stuck his finger in my ass, and it felt really good. I said, "OW!" and he stopped, looked at me, and said, "Liar."

He grinned at me and then poked my prostate, presumably just to be a bitch. He totally had me figured out. I went home and beat off and shot the hugest load I've ever shot, still to this day.

Jared, if the doctor didn't act like it was a problem, then it isn't a problem. And doctor/patient confidentiality requires him to keep this to himself. You've already been through the worst, it can only get easier for the future sessions. You'll be fine. And Nathan will be totally turned on by your new hairless ass and fuck you silly. Use that as your mental carrot for getting through this.

We can all appreciate how it must be uncomfortable right now but I think you have gained a great story for life! Others are right here. The doctor has seen it all. You can let it go soon. What's important here (lol) is how does Nathan like the smooth butt? ;-)'

I am sorry to say I laughed very hard throughout your story. Not to be mean spirited, but because what happened is what often makes the medical profession amusing and interesting. I used to work in a hospital lab, and I had some of the craziest things happen when I worked in the post partum maternity ward. The hormone changes from child birth created some wild situations withthe new mothers.

I also have had the experience of getting an erection and pre-cumming all over the examining table while have a prostate exam. Of course, I could not stop laughing, between the doc saying it was obvious that I was not uncomfortable, to my laughing being my nervous reaction. Of course each laugh pushed his finger back out.

So join the club, but I will say, your ejaculating sounds so hot!

Also, how is the smooth butt? I have considered having my butt and other parts taken care of. No more clipping, shaving, or in-grown hairs. Cheers!


Take precautions! Wear a condom.

Your legs were "shaking and cramping from the pain", yet this "doctor" kept going? Sorry, not believable, unless you were in some back-alley, illegal joint with a quack. It shouldn't have hurt much at all, and anaesthetics are not normally used.

OMG!!! Sorry but LMAO. first off "not hardly can lick ur smooth ass". anyway, I so love that you can write stories like this about yourself. I would pay ANYHTING to have seen that, priceless. Maybe the doc liked it.u never know. cool that he wasnt an ass about it.

That was hilarious. I'm sure the doc has encountered this. This incident really goes on to say hot stimulated you are by nudity and pain.

Thanks for sharing this personal episode. With all that happened, would you recomend the doctor to others? I am very interested in some hair removal too.

Jared -
Just hang in there and relax. We've all
had strange and embarassing(and,perhaps, wonderful) things happen to us at times.
Docs are supposed to expect reactions
like this. I am sure he's seen it all
before. I had one recently also, farted
in my masseur's face when he was massaging my butt. It was a bad one, too. A complete embarrassment! And I go back to him next week!

Hey Jared - don't make yourself nuts. Had a similar experience with a massage and it didn't start out as a "happy ending" massage. I had been going ot this woman (I'm gay) for a while and one day it was just one of those days. i was on my stomach, she did her thing as usual (thank God I had a good realtionship with her). I felt the stirring at a moment when I had never felt it before and I couldn't keep my thoughts off my growing erection. I knew she would be asking me to turn over eventually and I wasn't wanting to. Themore she proceeded the workse it came and before I could completely warn her (I'm sure she's had mem have erections before), and I was starting to say I had an erection, i shuddered and I started to cum. As I said I had been going toher for a while, she knew I was gay and she laughed hysterically after I got over my mortification. I was more worried for her, the whole, "happy ending"thing that is not legal and not quite kosher. It happened once and never again. I Luckily I was on my stomach, she just worked om my back and shoulders and we left it there. So- stop worrying. I'm sure it was a normal reaction for some people.

Jared - No worries. I actually was getting a phsyical a few years back, and the doc had me in undies then those were down. He was pushing and pulling a lot. Hard as a rock. He started feeling the shaft and I did come. I was so embarrassed I could not get out of there fast enough. He told me not to worry, and continue with exam after cleaning me up. I wanted to die.
I never went back to that doc. It was so embarrassing. He acted like it was nothing, but I feel like he told all his doc friends and thought I was some sort of perv.
No worries.

dude, great post I laughed all the way through it - because i had almost the same thing happen to me when i was getting my first 'brazilian'... totally hard while she was waxing my arse etc. then rubbing a lotion in to settle the skin... hard as...pre-cum everywhere... then when she asked me to turn over, i was a bit embarrassed and said to her "umm, i'm sorry, but i have had an... umm, unexpected reaction...", she just smiled and said that it happens and not to worry... i turned over, so hard you could have swung on it, and she just kept going like it wasn't there...
embarrassment went away, it all settled down and everything was fine... :o)

It's obvious why you feel/felt so embarrassed about what happened. But I think you hit the nail on the head when you described the anesthetic having numbed the whole area and you no longer being in control. Looking at it from the point of view of those circumstances, it doesn't seem quite as embarrassing, eh?

*LOL* Jared, sorry, but I had to laugh a little reading this. I find it kinda funny....but I'll get over it. :-p

Yeah, well, it's not your fault or anything, so don't sweat about it. Besides, it seems that the doc was very professional and understanding. Besides, you had anaesthetic over the region and you really couldn't do anything about it. It's normal reaction, according to the doctor. :-)

I had the same procedure done. The pain is excruciating. Not sure how you even had your mind on your cock with all that pain and terrible burnt hair smell.

The truth is... that was hot as all hell! EMBARASSING, true, but my goddess... I probably would have gone down on you my self... would have saved the clean-up.

Was the doctor attractive or was it really the situation? I have always wanted to have a no-hands orgasm... did it feel really good anyway?

Hey there,
Thanks so much for writing about your experience during laser hair removal Now I don't feel like such a freak anymore. No offense. I've always been hyper sensitive to the touch, and along with that the fear and dramas that play in my mind. From when I was about fourteen years old on I would have spontaneous ejaculations when being examined for shchool physicals. I've sprayed my doctor several times with cum. I cannot control it when he starts touching me with the stethoscope. I'm always rock hard before the physical because I get so nervous. I also had to be inspected nude by a dermatologist right before every wrestling match in high school to make sure we did not have any contageous skin conditions. I dreaded that because the coach and assistant coach would have to observe for legal reasons. It got to the point where thay made me take freezing cold showers before being checked by the dermatologist so nothing would happen. It usually worked. But this one time there was this really friendly, young hot doctor who really took his time examining me. He spent alot of time just talking to me while I was standing there naked, asking me about wrestling, how much I trained, etc. He also has a very gentle touch, and warm hands. Eventually I warmed up got hard beyond what is normal, and exploded. The doctor was amazed that anyone could cum without their cock being stimulated.I've been so ashamed that I can't control that. I know it's not normal, but it helps to know I'm not totally alone.

Thanks much!


I'm a GP and have 24 years of experience behind me. Erections and ejaculations during exams? No big deal. Happens more than you would think. I just say, "Don't worry about it. It's more common than you think." Then start talking about something else which (purposely) has no possible sexual connotations.

Strangely, I had something similar happen to me. When yo think about it, it must happen all the time in doctors' offices. These doctors are professional and have probably dealt with MUCH worse. You could have lost control of your bladder or something. Since you are being "naked" here, you should give yourself a break and not be embarrassed by something so natural. You didn't do anything wrong and you should feel just fine about yourself.

Wow, thanks for posting this. I feel so much better. The last two massages I had, the same thing happened to me. I am very sensitive to touch and get hard at the slightest touch, which I try to fight. My last few massages was with a guy who is very thorough, he works my back, shoulders and every leg muscle to the core, getting deep into my abdomen, and muscles that connect to my legs, etc. Because I am pretty big and very hard, and although he does not stroke me, it is sticking straight up because he is working on muscles very close, pubes, etc. I have shot the last two times and it has been a surprise, an embarassing one. I apologize and he tells me it's ok, he doesn't even notice, it's my body releasing. I don't get it. Why this happens? Anyway, I don't know if I want to go back, but my muscles are loosening up. He digs really deep and I am way more flexible and not in pain.

Why else would the doctor wear scrubs?

This is such a gem! - thanks for sharing. (love the comment just above mine).

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