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Thursday, April 05, 2007


That's a recreation of that Casino Royale scene, isn't it?

So maybe the blog needs to run on autopilot or just stagnate for a while, but please hold off on any decision about killing it for now. Yeah, you're busy with all kinds of things, maybe feeling a bit overwhelmed. Maybe in time things will change and you'll be able to give some more time to the blog, maybe not. All I can say is that for me this blog is near the top of the list of blogs I look at daily, and while I would understand a demise, I hope it doesn't happen.

Paul in Bellingham

Your apathy about the blog is tied up with a lot of things--mainly the stresses of job and renovations--, but remember that you're growing and changing as a person every day, and the Jason who started this blog is not the same person who is keeping it going. I think it's probably a sign that you are "growing up" in ways you hadn't expected. And the commitment you have with Nathan changes how you look at everything else. Listen to your intuition, and you'll know what to do.

Whatever you decided to do, it's been great riding along with you!

Jared, Just let it rest while you are busy, it will keep. Don't give it up, I check-in with you daily, if nothing new, it's cool because I'm busy too and sometimes don't have the time to read if you have a long post and have to come back to it days later when I have the time. So do what you have to do and post when you can, we out here are patient.

2 years of hot stories is quite an achievment. But I dont think anybody demans or expects details from you all the time, it is your blog, its supposed to reflect your life expierences, do it when you can/want, we will still be reading it no matter how often or how little you post man :) xx

ditto to all the above. Renovation is a bitch. Make up stories - i would love to know what goes on in your imagination...

Do what's right for you. No one said you have to post something everyday and that the posts have to be brilliant and captivating every time. It's up to you when and how you post. I haven't posted anything in the past seven days and don't really care what people think. I do this for myself. This is your blog and it is your space to use for your expression. If people can't wait for you to write something then let them find it somewhere else.

Not to belabor the point, but you would be terribly missed.

Jared - Change is vital to living; stagnation is boring. Don't cut the blog. It reflects how your life is evolving and serves as an open diary for others who are going through their own ups/downs/plateaus in life. I enjoy reading whatever you have to say, but if you need a rest, take a hiatus and focus on those matters that need attention.

Its just a phase, you will get back to the things you enjoy, and even if you don't have and stories right now, its still a cool blog! Don't kill the blog, we still enjoy hearing about what is just going on in your life.

I just hope you do what YOU need to do, and focus on that.

Jamie wrote:
"Make up stories - i would love to know what goes on in your imagination..."

Better yet, make up stories involving the contractors who are working on the house. You can weave real life and your imagination together.

Think naughty (evil grin)

Los Angeles

Hey Jared - your adventures are very hot, but I'm sure I'm not alone in being interested in the day-to-day things your tight 'family' get up to, and hearing about the household dynamic. You don't always have to be tittilating us with sex-parties and trips to 'doctors'... Your relationship with Nathan and Jeff is also aspirational and full of interest, so keep the motor ticking over with news about your renovations or coast trips for now until you guys have more energy. Please?

We all go through little lulls (sp?) Don't give up on the site... but just go day to day and enjoy life.. and Jeff and Nathan... YOu have a lot going on, and you need to take care of you first, then worry about everything else... stay cool and we will be here for you...

Okay, I get to be the boring one. I want to hear about the career change and the remodel. It's something I can relate to and it would be interesting. Please?

Jared I just have to say this, you inspired me to start a blog and I am having a good time with it. It's a new thing for me but I have yours linked to mine and If you quit it will leave a hole in my blog. So just think about it first. I love this blog and truly enjoy reading it. It just makes me happy that you and Natan and jeff have such a great bond with each other. So write about the renovation of your home and all the trials and tribulations that go with it. Just think when it is all said and done you all can read the storys and laugh about it. kisses and stay strong and good luck on the job search Elmysterio

Hey Jared, kill your blog if you feel like it! It's better to finish a good thing properly than to prolong its decline for ages. Take care! /h

mmm that picture reminds me of the new james bond movie :) hot!!!

jared youre doing fine. those who genuinely like your personality will come back no matter what. dont kill it...im fine with reading your random thoughts and daily events ^^

It is okay to take a break or hiatus, but don't kill your blog. Take GeekSlut for example. He has taken extended time off and then returns even more popular than ever. He has achieved cult status of sorts. Besides, I see that the content of your blog has changed over time from a young man who was exploring his own sexual needs to that of three young men entering a relationship (two of whom are partners)and restoring a house together. I find the latter far more interesting. Please don't kill Completely Naked.

yeah listen to sue, she is your editor after all lol

Hi Jared....

Don't beat yourself up over this. Take some time off...get on with projects and come back when you have a new idea or have tried another adventure... ;-) We...those of us who check in every day will continue to do so. Like others I have a blog where I say more of what I want to, and you did inspire that...Thanks..xx

So stick with it, and keep us coming back for more tales of jared naked in the city, you know yo need to!!

Vincent in Ireland...xx

actually no. that sue is not my editor. my sue lives in ca

Thanks j, for clearing that up. But I do agree with the other Sue. I do love all your posts (and pics!), whether they are hot and sexy, or random thoughts, or journal entries. It seems pretty clear to me that your readers love to hear what you have to say, no matter what it's about. I think that is really cool.

Sue, the editor.

Jarad some of the stuff you write is really hot. Take a break, but please! dont kill your blog

Jared, love your blog so don't kill it. If time doesn't permit frequent posts, write fewer of them. We'd love to here how your renovating is coming along and such things or what ever you have to say. Post a photo or two if nothing else. Speaking of the renovations, how far along are you guys???

I, too, hope you don't discontinue the blog. It's been entertaining at times, titillating at times, and at other times your comments really make me think about my own life. But I've seen a number of blogs like this come and go - for some reason they don't seem to have a long lifespan. I'm guessing the level of effort required to keep the activity level high enough to keep people interested is just too much of a drain on a person with a busy work and personal life.

Whatever you decide, it's been great the way you're so open about sharing your life, and I wish you the best.

don't give it up; it can rest. even your domestic posts are sexy and fun.

I'm going to be selfish here and ask that you give serious reconsideration to stopping your blog. I can't remember reading any blog I have enjoyed as much as yours, it is so personal that I feel as if I know you and the guys. I think you are feeling overwelmed right now with all that is going on in your life. Take a break from writing the blog, just keep posting info from other sites that you come across just to keep it open and for us to hope for your getting in gear again to continue the blog. As I said earlier, I am just being selfish, don't want to lose your blog and hot stories.
Whatever you decide, I want to thank you for the pleasure you have given us so far and know that you will always be in our thoughts.

Happy Easter

Well go ahead kill it. Life is boring only Americans who have everything say things like that.
Strange really.

No big deal. A well rounded life consists of more than just sex. In the past five years I've bought a home too, done some improvements, traveled a lot, and continued my regular and part time job.

Save up the content and post once a week with some good juicy stories. Nothing wrong with that.

p.s. great pic. wish it were me in the chair.

Don't kill it. Long time reader, first time commenting...I love the hot posts.

Don't, please don't give it up. What is a poor guy from Iowa suppose to do without you. Take a breather, or what about Nathan or Jeff adding some comments. There is a lot of archived material to keep us busy to re-read and enjoy. I'll look forward to your resurgance. Just a couple of comments once in a while until that time to let us know you are well and still active.


It would be a terrible loss to the blogging community if you were to go. I think that yours is one of theBEST out there. You have shared some of your deepest thoughts with us. We have loved your laughs and tears, your thrills and orgasms. Your relationships growing. Hang in there mate. You rock!

Hey mate ya got to do what ya got to do. As a blog veteran, take your time off.
we will make the most of it by checkin out other not-as-hot-as-you bloggers and when your ready well be here to with wide eyes and not so bushy tails ready for more.

I just found you. I hope you don't leave. If you're low on stories I have some hot ones to share. I like what you like so maybe it could work. I'd give you my stories no strings attached. By the way, that picture above and the scene from Casino Royale remind me of a date I had...

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